Changing boots in Death Stranding is a vital mechanic to grasp, because, as boots in Death Stranding wear out, they can cause Sam some serious issues. Death Stranding boots deteriorate over time, depending on the terrain, and swapping in new ones can quickly become a priority. With that in mind, our Changing Boots in Death Stranding guide is going to explain how to change Death Stranding boots and save you some headaches.

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Changing Boots in Death Stranding

How to Change Boots in Death Stranding?

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To change boots in Death Stranding, you first have to have a spare pair hanging off of your boot clip, or on your back, or wherever. You can craft boots at delivery terminals. Select Fabricate equipment, and make you some boots, if you have enough materials. Anyways, once you have a pair of unused boots, go into the menu and select Cargo. Select the pair you want to swap in, wherever they are. Again, they can be on the boot clip, elsewhere on your person, on your bike, wherever. Then, select Put on Footwear. Confirm your selection by holding X. Boom, enjoy your fresh shoes.

Boots in Death Stranding deteriorate whenever you’re on foot in the open world. The rougher the terrain, the faster the bar in the left corner will go down. Same goes if you’re going through snow and so on. Also, running depletes the meter faster than regular walking. As long as said meter is blue, you’re in the clear. However, when it turns orange, things are gonna start getting only. If you let it turn to red, you’ll start losing blood, on top of other problems. So, make sure to swap boots when the boot bar turns orange. Feel free to drop your used boots and forget about them.

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That’s gonna do it for our guide on changing boots in Death Stranding. We’ve also got a growing list of Death Stranding guides for you to browse. Like, for example, Increase Carry Weight & Capacity, Music Player Outside Private Room, and BB Suffering From Autotoxemia.The post Changing Boots in Death Stranding appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.