Space suit in FO76 is one of the many outfits in the game. The Fallout 76 space suit doesn’t offer much in terms of armor, but it will protect you from some of the elements, including radiation. This raises two questions: where to find the space suit in Fallout 76, and how to get it. This is especially important, because finding it might require you ti find the Airlock c7 keypad access code. Well, our Fallout 76 Space Suit Location guide is going to show you the exact location of the FO76 Space Suit outfit, with detailed instructions on how to obtain it, including the Airlock C7 Keypad Code location.

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Fallout 76 Space Suit Location – Airlock C7 Keypad Access Code

Where to Find Space Suit Outfit Location in FO76?

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To find the Fallout 76 Space Suit Outfit, you’re gonna have to go far north. Your destination is the Crashed Space Station, which is near the northern mountains, northwest of the lakes, west from the alligator slide. Consult the map below to see the exact location; a visual aid really won’t go amiss here. The Crashed Space Station is in the middle of nowhere, so don’t forget to carry supplies for the field trip.

Not only is the Crashed Space Station fairly far away from almost everything (really, every location is), but it’s also full of enemies. Specifically, you’re gonna meet some Super Mutant Skirmishers, so be ready for trouble. Anyway, the exact place you’re looking for is the C7 Air Lock. It’s one of the pieces fallen off of the space station, with C7 written above the door. Go inside, and check the lockers on the right. The Space Helmet is in one of them, and the Space Suit is right next to it.

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What is Airlock C7 Keypad Access Code in Fallout 76 Crashed Space Station?

To get the Space Suit in FO76, all you have to do is follow the above-described steps. Find the Crashed Space Stations, kill the Super Mutant Skirmishers, go inside the C7 airlock, take the Space Suit and Helmet from the lockers. Simple. Now, the only potential problem here is that the airlock might be locked for you. Fortunately, the airlock access code is not far away. And, even if the airlock is open, you can still lock it yourself just for kicks.

The Crashed Space Station airlock access code is in one of the pieces of the poor space station; for us, at least. It’s a minor section of the station, mostly made up of rebars (steel reinforcement) and not much else. The access code is on a piece of paper named Airlock C7 Inventory List. It’s on a red, boxy piece of equipment, next to a skeleton and a first aid kit. For us, the code was 111418; the game’s release date. However, this might be different for you, so we’d recommend finding the paper yourself, just in case.The post Fallout 76 Space Suit Location – Airlock C7 Keypad Access Code appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.