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such as the CGL info hours and the open day of TH Köln

Student Workgroups.
Student Workgroups.
Student Workgroups.
Student Workgroups.
The following workgroups are part of the Community & Reflection modules in semester 1-4 and 6 of the Digital Games Bachelor program.
For approx.

30 hours of work per semester the students receive 1 ECTS

Working in the different groups, .

They contribute to CGL´s community and culture and thereby gain valuable soft skills

Ideally, each student finds a group that fits his or her interests and competencies which allows him or her to „grow“ from a junior to senior member – from novice to mentor.
Workgroups at CGL.
Brain & Play Initiative.
Mentor: Emmanuel GuardiolaThis workgroup is doing research in the area of psychology and cognitive science.
The group explores the psychology and neurocognitive aspects of video game playing.
It covers questions like: What are the cognitive abilities trained by a certain type of gameplay.
Is there a specific state of consciousness while we play.
Can we guess the personality of a player from his gameplay data.
Can we find evidence of a play biological state with brain imagery?  How game element variations, like for instance the position of the camera.

Impact the engagement of the player? CGL is establishing partnership with psychologists

neuroscientist and doctor in psychiatry to set up experiments and research projects. This multidisciplinary workshop also implies to explore the applied possibilities of the scientific experiments.
Course Guidance.
Mentor: Su-Jin Song & André Czauderna    The course guidance work group advises applicants and future students.
In particular, it offers the following services:    course guidance at internal and external events, such as the CGL info hours and the open day of TH Köln.
digital course guidance including (unofficial) student feedback on work samples.
supervision of applicants during interview stage of aptitude test.
Audio Workforce.

Mentor: Cécile Le Prado & Vadim Nickel    What’s our job
Give Feedback and advice on sound-related topics: Recording sound

Game audio setup and mixing, Audio Equipment.
Support in recording sessions/studio work.
Maintenance of the recording room, control room & audio equipment.
Equipment renting.
Studio room scheduling.
Be part of the sound studio life.
Additional opportunities to learn about audio and music production: Internal sessions & Special workshops.
Music and sound listening sessions.
Jam sessions.

Mentor: Judith Abend    What’s our job
Take turns in attending CGLs conferences

workshops, lectures, parties.
take pictures, conduct interviews, make videos.

Put all our news and events on CGL Spaces

support the PR & Press office in press-related matters.
Mentor: Judith Ruzicka-Grote    As part of the Events-Group you will be actively involved in the Clash of Realities Conference, .

Global Game Jam and other events at CGL

help organizing the event.

Support the CGL staff before and during the event

Event-, Hospitality- and Guest- Management (Registration, Welcome-desk, Coffee Bar, Speakers Lounge, Location Setup: branding and preparing the rooms & cleaning up afterwards etc.).
Student Life.
Mentor: Alex Boccia    This Workgroup is all about student community building.
As members of a remote academic community with minimal connections to the greater TH Köln campus, CGL students must be able envision and shape their community as well as the way they want to live, work and express themselves.
This group is responsible for planning community-building events such as holiday parties, film evenings, LAN parties, game jams, cooking lessons and whatever other ideas you can come up with.
We also manage a small food and drink budget to help facilitate these events.
Tech Service & Development.
Mentor: Mathias Mehr    This group helps to implement new IT services and provide support to others.
As a member of the group you get one IT task and help to develop or implement this in our systems.
If you choose this group it would be good to have general IT knowledge or special Windows and Unix Server / coding skills etc.
Alumni AG.
Mentor: Björn Bartholdy    The aim of the workgroup is to keep the graduates of the CGL permanently in contact with the institute, to maintain contact, to inform and to offer special events for alumni.
This workgroup is looking for people who are outgoing, work in a structured way and are interested in establishing a new (service) area of the institute.
Development and maintenance of an address database (contact/information).

Involving the alumni in the communication of the CGL

Networking of alumni with each other and with current students of the institute.
Development and implementation of specific events/formats for alumni.

Development of a CGL web module around the topic Alumni


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