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Jul 2014 A New Eschalon: Book III Review

Reviews on our games.
Jul 2014           A New Eschalon: Book III Review.
by                   posted in:                 0                 Gizorama reviews Book III, giving it a solid 4/5.
Link: Gizorama review of Eschalon: Book III                                          Apr 2014           GameBanshee Reviews Book III.
by                   posted in:                 0                 GameBanshee has posted a nice little review for Eschalon: Book III.
Among other things, they say: “The maps in Book III work really well.  Basilisk Games like Larian Studios has always been good about rewarding players for taking the time … Read More                                          Mar 2014           First wave of Book 3 reveiws.
by                   posted in:                 1                 RPGWatch posted their positive 4/5 star review for Book 3 saying it’s “…enjoyable, fun and rather addictive.” RPGWatch review: Russian gaming website wrote a seemingly positive review.
It’s illegible to us, but we got a big, green thumbs-up … Read More                                       3    Feb 2014           Ten days until Book III – Here’s more previews!.
by                   posted in:                 5                 Ten more days until the launch of Book III.
Want to see some more previews.

Here’s what some others are saying: “After playing through the pre-release build

I was only left with a desire to play more.
The sense of … Read More                                          Dec 2013           Mac Informer reviews Book II.
by                   posted in:                 2                 The website Mac Informer has reviewed Eschalon: Book II.

Senior Editor Ashley Griggs gives it 4/5 stars and an “Editor’s Pick Award”
Thanks to the staff at Mac Informer for the great review

Link:                                       16    Sep 2013  reviews Eschalon: Book II.
by                   posted in:                 1                 Eschalon: Book II gets a positive rating of 90% at Grogheads.
Thanks guys.
Link: Eschalon Book II Review at                                          Mar 2012           Australian MacWorld follows up with Book II Review.
by                   posted in:                 1                 Hot on the heals of last week’s Book I review, Australian MacWorld magazine reviews Eschalon: Book II, offering many positive comments and a “4/5 mice” score.
Link:                                       10    Mar 2012           Australian edition of MacWorld reviews Book I.
By                   posted in:                 0                 Even several years after release.

We are still finding new reviews of Eschalon: Book I

this time by the Australian edition of MacWorld magazine.
They talk about the pros and cons, ending with: “But having said all that, I’d strongly recommend giving … Read More                                          Sep 2011           PC World reviews Eschalon: Book II.
by                   posted in:                 2                 PC World magazine gives Eschalon: Book II a favorable review.
Check out the online review via the link below:,201693-order,4/description.html                                            May 2011           Gaming Irresponsibly Reviews Book II.
by                   posted in:                 0                 Gaming Irresponsibly gives Book II a strong 8.5 out of 10 in their well-written review.
Check it out via the link below.                                 2 3 ».


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