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Calendar Module- List a calendar of events

Website  Development .
Website  Development .

Website Design & Email Hosting  Communication with clients

vendors and employees is a critical factor in the success of any organization.
A good website is more than just online  marketing ; it is a communications tool.
You need an  online  presence that not only looks good and functions well, but one that is easy to update.
Jayhawk Software designs websites that are easy to edit using low-cost Content  Management  Systems.
Let us handle all the technical details and take hassle out of website  development  and hosting.
Call today for more  information  on how you can manage your own professionally designed site with no technical skills required.
Convenience                                                No HTML  programming  skills required.
Easy  navigation  tools that will help swift and simple editing.
Easily downloadable plug-ins that allow you to do more with y our website .
Full co ntr ol over content placement.

Security                                                Assign security rights per user

Select those able to view and/or edit pages based on  individual  user log-in.
Reduce Expenses                                                No need to pay a web  developer .
Purchase new themes only when you want  to change  the overall "look" of your website.
Thousands of  free themes .
Efficiency                                                Announcement Module - List start and end time announcements so your page is up-to-date with the most recent in formation .
Calendar Module- List a calendar of events.
Module- List frequently  asked questions  that are automatically sorted by viewer popularity.

Survey Module- Receive valuable customer feedback based on your survey content

Interested in Learning More.
Click here to see theme options  available  for your website.
Call 620-365-5156 or email [email protected] today to get a quote for  website design  and hosting.
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