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The Car Training Institute (CTI) was founded in 2003

CTI Events.
CTI Events.
The Car Training Institute (CTI) was founded in 2003.
Our aim is to develop event concepts covering the various areas of auto mobile technology , e.g.
powertrain, chassis, electric/ electronics , car body.

CTI events provide strategic information and technical updates

Speakers are acknowledged industry and market experts.
Our events distinguish from other events through their outstanding quality and  international ity.
Read more  about  CTI.
Our events cover a wide range of topics in the automobile industry and offer the perfect stage to present y our business .
Since CTI is a brand of the Handelsblatt  Media  Group the participation in our events will offer you a row of benefits that go far beyond your on stage presentation.
Top-class annual  conferences  and cutting-edge symposia – meet the “who is who” of the industry and present your expertise.
Your apperance as partner/sponsor/exhibitor will be promoted via print brochures.

Advertisements in the Handelsblatt and trade press as well as via digital channels

such as e-mailings and social media.
Reach: up to 30,000  decision maker s.

Handelsblatt Journal – score with your expertise

Distribution via the Handelsblatt as well as digital distribution directly to your target  group .
Reach: more than 400,000 readers and more than 280,000  decision maker s.
CTI Magazine – CTI MAG.
Publication for automotive transmission and hybrid and electric drive technology.
Distribution via mail as well as digital distribution directly to your target group.

Twice yearly in English and annually in Chinese

Reach: more than 5000 leading experts of the industry.
Become a speaker, sponsor or partner at one of our events now.
World Series.
CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA     CTI SYMPOSIUM GERMANY     CTI SYMPOSIUM USA                 Customer service and registration:.

Mete Ardic Phone: +49 211 88743-3343  Email



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