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Case Study: Overcoming Challenges by using Gcon4 MFL

Case Study: Overcoming Challenges by using Gcon4 MFL.
With growth and expansion, comes change and evolution which in its very nature spells daily challenges of financial  consolidation  across various platforms and software solutions.
Author: Rachel Reid & Tracey Adams                                                                       The BACKGROUND:.
Core Assets Group, founded in 1994 as an independent fostering agency has  established  itself as an industry-leading expert in the field of foster care and children’s services.

The Group has seen tremendous growth over the last 14 years

acquiring and expanding operations in the UK as well as in Asia and the US staying true to its guiding vision, which is to make a positive and lasting difference for children and their families around the world.   With this set of clear values, Core Assets passion to realising the potential and building communities is at the heart of their business and everything they do.
With growth and expansion, comes change and evolution which in its very nature spells daily challenges of financial consolidation across various platforms and  software solutions .
This is a very real challenge for Core Assets and one that I often see in other  organisations .
In 2012 the Group moved to the Unit4 Business World with a roll out planned that would encompass all  established  and newly acquired organisations to move to a single ERP solution.
This in itself is as much a  cultural  change as a technological one.
With this in mind the key goal was to have all financial and  company  data on a single ERP system accessible to all companies within the Core Assets Group and in doing so requires the ability to migrate data from various sources and to also set up new clients and amendments to existing company structures.
In 2017 the group purchased a  third-party  solution for Social Worker Caseload Management, CHARM.
This in itself resulted in a further challenge to the  organisation  in that it was not equipped to deal with the diverse fostering model and related payment and billing processes.
Due to the complexities of U4BW  web services  the initial plans to integrate the two solutions did not go as planned.
Not to be perturbed, the CHARM project team, working with the Gcon4 authors developed the concept of not only using the MFL tool to import data, but to provide an interface across the two solutions, thus expanding the functionality of Gcon4 MFL from its origins as a data maintenance and migration tool to provide the ability to integrate systems.
There were a number of challenges to overcome when considering the change of use from a bulk migration to a daily integration tool, but working with a team that is willing to work with you on a specific concept and deliver improvements to the solution based upon a single customer requirement has led to benefits on both sides.

We found both Embridge and Gcon4 teams to be supportive and responsive to work with

add a friendly and efficient attitude to that mix and you have a smart combination.
As the company grows and develops we will continue to use the tool as it was designed and I’m sure we will have many more conceptual ideas that the team at Gcon4 and Embridge will help with going forward.

Rachal Reid     Senior Agresso Specialist

  Core Assets.


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