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#50 Media Workflow Basics: Part 2.5 of 5 Media Storage

The Workflow Show Podcast.

In our weekly podcast we cover our passion for all steps in the Media supply chain

Conceive and Acquire, Store and Track, Craft, Quality Control and Deliver, Archive, Manage and Repurpose and much, much more.

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#52 Creativity Driving Innovation

a Talk with Michael Cioni.

#51 Workflow In the Cloud – Creativity Drives Innovation – A Talk with Michael Cioni

#50  Media  Workflow Basics: Part 2.5 of 5 Media Storage.

#49 Media Workflow Basics: Part 2 of 5: Media Storage
#48 Media Workflow Basics: Part 1 of 5: Ingest Media and Ingest Video

#47 “Building a Bridge between Media Production and IT Professionals with Daniel Rosenberg, Lead Creative  Technologies , PVH Corp.”.

#46 “Solutions Architect Round Table — Remote Workflow Strategy”
#45 “Work from Home Culture with Dave Helmly of Adobe Part 2”
#44 “Work-From-Home Culture with Dave Helmly of Adobe”
#43 “Cloud Editing Realities and Myths”

#42 “Preserving  Treasures ”.

#41 “AI and ML: Why Should You Care?”

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Get your fix of Workflow Therapy and explore what the future holds

Jason Whetstone and Ben Kilburg are the show’s main hosts, both with careers in media workflow  solutions  architecture.
Jason has a Bachelor of Music in Audio Recording from the Cleveland Institute of Music. And worked as Senior Audio Post Engineer and Digital Asset Administrator for an integrated  communication  and content creation company before coming to Chesa. Ben has a degree in Music and Audio Engineering from UMBC University of Maryland and continues to foster his passion for both.
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