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In today’s competitive world every  organization  wants to adopt latest and trusted standards and models like CMMI and also wants to be guided by a reliable, competent consultant who takes them on the right path without false starts.
A consultant facilitates this and also helps in the implementation of the CMMI Models related to Development (DEV), .

Acquisition (ACQ) or Services (SVC)

DQS Certification India Private Limited is an Authorized SEI (now CMMI Institute) Transition Partner that provides  consulting  services worldwide including in countries like USA and India.
DQS India  consultants  are subject matter experts having multi-years of experience working with various types of organizations working in different domains.
Apart from educational and professional qualifications, .

A DQS India consultant is a good manager with positive energy and enthusiasm

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From CMMI Consultant (CMMI FAQ) Blog

Facing  difficult y in selecting or hiring CMMI Consultant for CMMI Implementation in your organization?.
Most of the organizations face difficulty in selecting and hiring good CMMI  Consultants  for their CMMI Implementation projects.
Many consultants are providing services without proper qualification, training and  experience  and hiring them means wastage of money, effort and time for the organization.
In this post we have tried to highlight the issues and  best practices  for hiring CMMI Consultant for CMMI Implementation in organizations.

Read more at How to select or hire a CMMI Consultant for CMMI Implementation

Reference – CMMI Consultant Blog (CMMI FAQs) It is really helpful to work with CMMI Consultant for CMMI  Implementation s?.
In this post we have tried to remove all doubts from your mind for working with CMMI Consultants  , .

Highlighting many benefits of working with Consultants

We have compiled the post around the best qualities of a good CMMI Consultant  , .

Which helps you in selecting the best CMMI Consultants for your CMMI Assignments

Read more at – Does it really help us when we hire CMMI  Consultant  for our CMMI Implementation.
Reference – CMMI Consultant Blog (CMMI FAQs)                                                                                                CMMI Certification Services   Getting Started.
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