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WordPress Games Plugin Released in April of this year

Free WordPress Games Plugin by
Embed up to 83+ free HD flash games using the WordPress Games Plugin

* Now works with short codes.
Download Link: https://downloads. wordpress .org/plugin/ If you need any help using our wordpress plugin or have any inquires please do not hesitate to contact us.
Introduction If you’re looking to increase your WordPress site’s visits and user retention and/or to just make your site more interactive, .

WordPress Games Plugins may prove a valuable must have component

Released in May of 2003, .

WordPress is an open-source (free) content management system

Which offers a highly configurable plugin  architecture  and a template-based web blogging system.
Utilized in nearly one fourth of the top 10 million ranked websites in 2015, WordPress’ demonstrative popularity as a blogging system has provided the  framework  upon which more than 60 million websites are built.
The  WordPress  plugin architecture allows you to extend the features and functionality of your WordPress site with more than 40,000 downloadable plugins empowering users, who may not always have high levels of technical skill, to customize their sites to their specific requirements.
Plugin functionality is varied and includes SEO features, creation of client portals enabling a configurable website experience based upon user login, and widgets and  navigation  bars.
WordPress games provides both an alternative marketing and traffic driving strategy as well as offering support to terms of  retention  and return visits for already existing website viewers.
This assists websites to stand out in today’s highly  competitive  online market.
Adding games to your  WordPress  site may be an effective means to increase traffic, user retention, and consequently your SEO ranking.
Refreshing existing games and implementing new games to your  WordPress  site can increase user interest and the amount of time that they spend on your site or blog.
WordPress Games Plugin Released in April of this year.

The WordPress Games Plugin has steadily built its download numbers

with just under 5000 of the more than 60 Million websites and blogs built on the WordPress platform.
99% of all  Games  Plugin installations use the latest 2.3 version.
The plugin currently has 65 games including, Sonic The Hedgehog, Spiderman 3, Mario, Pokemon, Soduku, Batman Defend Gotham, Chess, Backgammon, Call of Duty Crossfire, Car Twisted Dreams and Twisted Tennis.

Installation The WordPress installation process and requirements are reasonable

A minimum version 3.5 of the platform is required and it is compatible with the latest WordPress version 4.3.1.
The installation instructions have 3 steps which include copying the plugin folder, “activating” the plugin via the Plugins WordPress menu option and accessing the “Critic Games” configuration through the admin menu.
Support The support by Critic Games has been responsive with nearly all the open issues in the “Support” tab of the plugin having been resolved and commitments to future releases and functionality enhancements.
Standard developer support is offered through Development Log subscription, access to the repository including the resources and assets.
A login account is required to post in the support forum.
Netherlands based, Critic Games became a growing name beginning with its other earlier online games IslandMania, Fifaworld and mincecraft mini-games.

Customer Reviews The online WordPress “Reviews” tab has only a few reviews

which are all 5 out of 5 star ratings and are all highly complimentary of the WordPress Games Plugin and the Critic Team’s efforts.
Comparison to Similar Products When compared to other WordPress gaming plugins, .

The WordPress Games Plugin version 2.3 ranks favorably
WordPress released the Multiplayer Games Plugin version 3.6 in April 2014
As the largest gaming plugin prior to WordPress Games plugin

it has accumulated 11,000 downloads over several years.
However, the downloads have been steadily declining since mid-August of this year.
Installation and developer support are similar to the games plugin.
However, the WordPress Multiplayer Games plugin is not compatible with the current version of WordPress and reviews are mixed.
The game offerings are not as popular as those supported in the WordPress version 2.3 Games plugin.
WP Mini Games, is another game plugin offered by WordPress.
The statistics reveal a little over 100 downloads and it is still at the 1.0.0 version.
It may show some promise, though, given time to mature.
An interesting related WordPress gaming plugin is WordPress MyArcade Lite.
It has over 61,000 downloads and supports over 700 games.
Configuration is slightly more difficult and the game support is not as strong as the WordPress Games plugin version 2.3.
WordPress Platform Support Strategies WordPress platform support has maintained demand in step with mobile platform technologies.
Mobile applications have been developed for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.
These applications, provide limited support, primarily supporting only adding new blog posts and pages, creating new, moderating and replying to comments, as well as providing statistical views of interaction blog data.
Conclusion The global online gaming market has grown in size from a 7.4 billion dollar, as measured in United States dollars, with predictions of 118 billion dollars in 2015.
Growth figures show a 12 percent expected growth by the year 2019.
Playable media is the next hottest outgrowth of the interactive media market.
Online gaming is a mainstream industry, with today’s gamers making more demands than the previous passive entertainment consumer markets.
Today’s gaming market increases the stakes with requirements that today’s games support modding, streaming, cosplay and competitive gaming.
With WordPress dominating 25% of the most successful websites, it follows logically that plugins such as the WordPress Gaming Plugin will become an important part of the interactive end user blog experience, which will become increasingly more interactive.

The WordPress Gaming Plugin version 2.3

is something which every WordPress blogger should take a look at.


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