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videos and 24/7 assistance for the 80 Series thermostats

F it Matters .

Emerson 80 Series™ Thermostats offer a footprint that fits the install

support that fits your business and thermostats that fit every customer.

Footprint that Fits the Install
The 80 Series thermostats are the perfect fit for every application with universal

conventional and heat pump models.
The standard footprint makes  replacement s and upgrades easier than ever without leaving visible marks on the wall from the old thermostat.
Support that fits  your business .
From their perfect-fit standard replacement footprint to their on-device contractor branding opportunities, .

80 Series thermostats are designed to make both installation and future sales easier

Easy to install standard  footprint .
Designed to be perfect fit for replacement, upgrades and new  installation s.
Opportunities to grow sales.
Universal back plate provides future  opportunities  for thermostat upgrades.
Promotes  your company  brand.
Ensure the next service call by leveraging on-device branding  opportunities .
Support you can rely on.
Call or email our customer and  technical support  team seven days a week.
For conventional, multi stage and heat pump systems  featuring  programmable and non-programmable models                 Conventional.
For single stage systems featuring programmable and non-programmable model                 Heat Pump.
Dedicated heat pump application featuring programmable and non-programmable models                       Thermostats that fit every customer.
With a large, backlit display, easy to use design, flexible programming and dependable performance, .

80 Series thermostats are the perfect fit for every application

Easy to use.
Intuitive menu options and flexible programming make it simple to use.
Large backlit display.
Modern design with an easy-to-read 5-inch display.
Features that matter.
Advanced features like temperature limits and keypad lockout are standard on every model.
Proven performance.
75 years of experience manufacturing thermostats.
Maximize savings without sacrificing comfort.
Thermostat Helper assists homeowners in reducing energy costs and maximizing comfort with easy to follow step-by-step programming instructions, videos and 24/7 assistance for the 80 Series thermostats.

Connect to comfort with our line of Sensi™ Smart Thermostats

Sensi thermostats also offer an easy-to-install standard footprint, with added flexibility to remotely adjust temperatures from an intuitive app for homeowners.

Support and Warranty Information

Call or email our customer & technical support team for assistance 7 days a week.

Cross Reference and Product Information
Access product information with our powerful cross reference for OEM

competitive and White-Rodgers products             Where to Buy.

Locate a local HVAC distributor

HVAC contractor or retail partner to purchase our products.


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