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Parker Brothers 1966 Zorro Board Game

Parker Brothers 1966 Zorro  Board Game .
Posted by                                   Parker Brothers 1966 Zorro  Board Game                                          1988 Up the River Board Game by Ravensburger    1887 Spider and the Fly Card Game by McLoughlin Bros.
Posted by                         The  Character  of Zorro (Spanish for Fox) made his debut in 1919.  It was from the mind of Johnston McCulley, in his novel, The Curse of Capistrano, that the country was first introduced to this dashing masked vigilante.
Zorro was a huge success, and through the years movies, tv series, comic books,  video game s, and board games were produced, based off this loved character.
One such game, of course.

Is Walt Disney’s Zorro board game of 1966

published by Parker Brothers.

The game’s instructions begins with the following: “Zorro was a Spanish Caballero

a masked man dressed in black who rode by night to punish those who did wrong to the good people of the town.

Zorro used a sword and a whip but first of all

he used his brain to outwit the offenders.  Zorro fought not to kill anyone but to disarm, to punish, and to expose those who broke the law.
Through his untiring efforts he was able to rid the town of the evil Comandante and his Sergeant, Garcia, who had exploited the people….”  The board game  is a simple race style, with a few special elements.

It includes 4 metal playing pieces of Zorro on a horse

a die, 5 Zorro cards, and board with spinner.
Players move around the board according to their rolls.  There are  different  obstacles and shortcuts for players to maneuver around.  There are also spaces on the board to pick up a ‘Zorro Card’.  These are used at the end of the game.
In order to win the game, a player has to reach the end of his correctly colored path (matched to his game  piece ), and match his end of the Zorro Card with an opponent. On one end of the Zorro Card is Zorro; and on the other end is enemy Garcia.
The Matching is attempted by a player who has arrived at the last space.  He can choose any opponent he wants to go up against.  Both Zorro Cards are placed face down- end to end to  each other .  They are then turned over together to see if the ends Match-  Zorro to Zorro or Garcia to Garcia.
If they do not Match, the turn ends, and  the player  can try again on his next turn.  The player who firsts succeeds in Matching a Zorro Card, at the last space, wins the game.
There are a few other basic rules to follow during game play, but the above are the basics.  Players race around the board, grab Zorro Cards, .

And at the end tries to make a Match with their Zorro Card to an opponent’s to win

Taking Zorro to the game board, and moving the metal game pieces, brings the excitement found from the Books and Films to the table top.  It offers the imaginative play of being Zorro, and giving justice to  the world .
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It’s said that if you gathered games published throughout the years from a country, they would offer an insightful picture of the historical times and culture.

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