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Better sorting of DMARC cell in Domain Overview

Product  Changelog .
We strive to provide our  customers  with the best functionality and continually improve upon it.
Here you’ll find our changelog  highlight ing feature improvements and advancements since 2012 when dmarcian was started and DMARC was launched.
8/2020                                  IP Safelisting – dmarcian account  administra tors can now set permission levels for other account users by restricting browser-based sessions to a predefined set of IP addresses.
5/2020                                  User  Interface  update with a lighter color scheme, wider table style, and font updates to improve readability and usability.
4/2020                                  Link from SPF TMI mode to detail viewer containing domain and IP/CIDR query.
TLS  reporting  released in beta.
More helpful links in the in-app  help menu .
3/2020                                  New Source Alert released in beta.
IP Session and Token safelist released in beta.
Display DKIM  Selectors  by default in Detail Viewer.
Better messaging in Forensic Viewer when no RUF reports  are available .
2/2020                                  Add “?” icon to navigation UI to allow users to get help or  contact  support easier.
Export of active, billing-based domains in preferences.
Better sorting of DMARC cell in Domain Overview.
Link to Detail Viewer data query from Forensic Viewer view.
1/2020                                  Better display of cell information in Domain Overview.
Added user and time upload information to the individual XML reports.
Performance enhancements when removing domains.
Domain refresh and import pipeline queuing systems enhancements.
UX enhancements and performance to Domain Overview domain-group fetching.
12/2019                                  Better display of DNS errors when inspecting a DMARC record.
System upgrades.
Better display of columns in paginated tables.
11/2019                                  Security updates.
Add links directly to DKIM inspector from detail viewer.
System upgrade preparation.
Improved display format of raw XML files.
Minor visual fixes to detail viewer graphs.
10/2019                                  New SPF Inspector full release.
Add N/N column text to hideable columns.
Better acceptance and identification of non-traditional DKIM selectors in inspector.
Optimizations to detail viewer data loading.
Optimizations to detail viewer data exports.
9/2019                                  Add visual cue to domain overview to signify more information in cells.
SPF refactor alpha release.
Performance enhancements to detail viewer.
Expose DKIM Selectors in detail viewer.
Column improvements to detail viewer to easily see hidden data.
8/2019                                  2FA feature release.
Better setup wizard for new users.
More human-friendly date formats within reporting.
Better record suggestions in policy planner when forensics are enabled.
Performance enhancements to policy planner.
Render more informative messages in DMARC inspector.
7/2019                                  More domain migration support.
Better pagination functionality when searching inside tables.
6/2019                                  Enhancements and improvements for partner portal.
Performance improvements for bulk DNS call handling.
Better domain deletion widget UX.
Preparation for domain migration.
Better UI for timezone related information in reporting.
Add IP/CIDR search to detail viewer.
Better IDNA support around domain management functionality.
5/2019                                  Launched performance gains for detail viewer.
Timeline moved out of beta.
Removed beta related tagging.
Better dig-ey rendering of DNS queries in timeline.
Better DNS handling when errors or failures are encountered.
Deployment process improvements.
UX/UI improvements.
4/2019                                  Better IP to country code mapping.
Improved model management.
Add more legal agreement to forms.
Better error handling registration when unexpected input is received.
3/2019                                  Better DNS cache management.
Clearer DMARC record responses.
Add invisible recaptcha component to registration form.
Better display of sp= information in the domain overview.
Timeline capabilities improvement.
Update users management page and options.
2/2019                                  Stronger password requirements and UX to help.
Better in-table search functionality.
Better handling of NX and related issues during DNS lookups for timeline entries.
Better backup storage of XML reports.
Update geographical IP determination services to better map IPs.
1/2019                                  Better CSP management.

Route all users to newer and better DMARC XML uploader tool

Many timeline event rendering and error handling improvements.
Better UI feedback when creating or updating domain groups.
Better DKIM state determination in domain overview.
12/2018                                  Squash possible xss vector.
Stronger session security.
Site-wide 508 accessibility compliance updates.
Expose beta level timeline functionality.
UX improvements when adding domains for all user.
11/2018                                  Better UX around adding domains for Plus users.
Implement stronger password validators and requirements.
URL registration for partner clients.
Better subdomain count behavior.
TONS of security related updates, patches and fixes.
Deployment process script streamlining.
Improvements to various data exporting functionalities.

Better validation of DMARC XML files

Performance updates Detail Viewer report loading.
Add A resolving to dns resolver.
Updates to API documentation.
Updates to SSO IDP validation and error handling.
10/2018                                  Better UX around adding domains for Plus users.
Implement stronger password validators and requirements.
URL registration for partner clients.
Better invitation UX for partners adding new clients.

Better handling of erroneous whitespace in DMARC records

Detail viewer security improvements.
Improve help text in DMARC record wizard.
Better display of percentages in source viewer compliance.
9/2018                                  Better domain data caching and related performance gains.
Improvement to rendering of volume bar in domain overview.
Refactor Provider History view and storage for performance and visual gains.
Better loading of CSRF protections to make browsers happy.
Minor visual fixes for domain overview summary.
Bug fixes and performance improvements to Domain Discovery functionality.
Big pile of partner performance and UX improvements.
8/2018                                  Policy planner bug fixes.
Open domain overview tools links in new page.
Better IDN support in tools.
Sort domains by length in autocomplete for better UX.
Big performance gains on domains, tasks, and issues APIs.
7/2018                                  Better SSO error message displays.
Add more sorting functionality on Detail Viewer subtables.
More sorting functionality in Domain Overview.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Stronger filters to prevent importing of XML containing illogical data.
6/2018                                  Clean up stale pages.
New XML to Human upload UI.
Improvement to subdomain displays.
Update new discovery tools.
Update domain overview ordering options.
5/2018                                  More API development (beta).
Internal logging improvements.
Improve report delivery process.
Update page template and URLs.
New provider history page.
API tool deployment.
4/2018                                  Forensic viewer improvements.
Updates to SPF flattener suggestions.
3/2018                                  API development (beta).
Clean up stale code.
XML import optimizations.
More friendly registration form and process.
2/2018                                  API development (beta).
Improved UX when users have stale sessions.
Fix bug when updating some report configurations.
Layout improvements.
1/2018                                  Domain discovery UX improvements.
Updates to preferences page for better display.
Deploy SSO functionality (beta).
Security updates.
API Docs (beta).
12/2017                                  Enhancements to rule-building infrastructure to support better research.
Improvements to small-screen layout.
More data export-via-CSV functionality.
Improved domain picker across the application.
Improved handling of sub-domain picking.
11/2017                                  Implemented support for Global Cyber Alliance initiative.
API extended to include Source Viewer functionality.
Source Viewer rebuilt using API.
API extended to include Domain Overview functionality.
Domain Overview rebuilt using API.
Improved handling of fake sub-domains to prevent unwanted notifications.
10/2017                                  Performance warnings for users on older browsers.
Dynamic documentation of API for developers.
API development for site-wide usage.
Switched email service provider for more reliable report delivery.
Improved deployment automation.
9/2017                                  Classification engine improvements around forwarder detection.
Better input processing for SPF surveyor.
Better flow for user tiers and pricing.
8/2017                                  My Network interface rebuild.
Notifications for Network users with variable alert threshold.

Better selection in Domain Overview
Better text displays for DKIM related information in Domain Overview

Improvements when deleting many domains from Domain Overview.
Keep latest checked domain when using.
Minor fixes to  when dealing with extremely broken records.
7/2017                                  Regularly remove fake subdomains with no recent data from user accounts.
Better domain selecting utility when viewing bulk Raw XML reports.
Show users their current usage and domains in their preferences page.
Web framework version upgrades.
Better utilities for partners to manage their clients.
Improve ability to switch between email service providers.
6/2017                                  API extended to include  functionality.
improvements, including front-end rebuild to use API.
API extended to include DKIM Inspector functionality.
DKIM Inspector improvements, including front-end rebuild to use API.
Remove some old limits for higher volume users, things are much faster now.

Better alignment data for DMARC in Detail Viewer

Better relational management between subdomains and their parent.
UI improvements when adding domains with toolbar.
5/2017                                  Better verbiage and notification for users who may be having trouble logging in.
Improved XML processing pipeline.
Database upgrades/improvements for site-wide performance increase and continued scalability.
4/2017                                  Allow users to transfer account ownership to another user.
Account admins can now update their users’ email addresses.
Add per-user Forensic access.
Speed up loading of graphs and charts across the application.
3/2017                                  Better UI colors and organization in Domain Overview.
Raw XML Data page improvements.
Better SPF cell and related text when `all` is present in the record.
Better access controls for partners’ users.
Additional refinements to Basic/Plus/Enterprise users.
2/2017                                  Extend SPF Survey’s TMI mode to 90 days of data.
Add better summary counts to Domain Overview.
New Design changes, including improved Get Started flow.
Task management now part of Domain Overview.
1/2017                                  Improved bulk actions when acting on domain in the Domain Overview.
Single Domain Detail page.
Better experience for users who would like a trial extension.
Improved detection of RUA/RUF errors.
Infrastructure improvements when calculating tiers.
12/2016                                  Change displays of Domain Overview summary for less confusing interface.
New Domain picker to pick domains by sources or groups.
Better Domain Group alignments when elements on page are rearranged.
Database improvements when dealing with SERVFAIL results.
Changes made to better handle fake sub-domain abuse.
11/2016                                  Better counts and summary for network users.
New pages and details related to pricing changes.
Increase provider cap for network users.
Visual improvements to XML-to-Human page.
Show more of our team on the About page.
10/2016                                  Better loading of tasks for users.
UI tweaks to all reports — more color and legends.
Don’t alert or notify users about collections of issues they may have ignored.
Source Report to let users notify us about sources that are not currently in our system.
9/2016                                  Let users opt out of receiving weekly report if no issues are present.
Detail Viewer optimizations when many providers are present.
Changes and improvements for Partner portal.
Speed improvements for listing XML files for an account.
Show pct= in Domain Overview column if it is present in record.
Let users add Notes to Domain Groups.
Improve storage of underlying raw XML reports.
8/2016                                  Speed optimizations when loading Domain Overview and Reporting page.
Drag and drop Domain Groups to reorder.

Better handling of verbose URLs in the DMARC Inspector

Domain Discovery feature to let dmarcian auto-find users’ domains.
Policy Planner feature to guide users on publishing DMARC policies.
ReCAPTCHA introduced to  and  to try to curtail unwanted scraping of site by someone else’s automated tools.
7/2016                                  Add Tasks module to let users know what to do next.
Better help text for Source Viewer to guide users on what to do.
Mouseover flags on Detail Viewer to get full country name.
TMI Mode for  to let users understand how SPF records are being used.
6/2016                                  Detail Viewer data is now sortable by country.
Detail Viewer pie slices now link to their respective data tabs.
Better inline domain options to Domain Overview.
More guidance to help users through DMARC deployment.
Better displays of parsed DMARC records.
Style and summary changes to My Network interface.
5/2016                                  Add better summary graphs to Domain Overview.
Lots of performance and usage improvements to DMARC Record wizard via feedback.
Better detection of invalid characters in DMARC records.
Better error messages for logged out users so they understand what is going on.
Fixes for forensic display.
World map on register page to direct users to different region for best experience.
Classification engine refinements.
4/2016                                  Better loading of Domain Overview tables for a much faster and better UX.
Text and style improvements to notification emails.
Better flow for letting users get extensions to trials.
Better removing/adding domains in Domain Overview.
Add user-editable notes to domain in Domain Overview.
3/2016                                  New drip emails to help guide users through deployment with dmarcian.
Better compliance percentages in Detail Viewer.
Tweaks and improvements to Manage Users page.

Better Domain Overview cell when no DKIM data is present

Add ability to see Log scale on Detail Viewer volume charts.
Better text and link sanitization when viewing Forensic messages.
Source Viewer performance improvements.
2/2016                                  Better display of emails in Forensic Viewer.
Phish Probe feature to let users spoof themselves as DMARC demonstration.
Tweaks for a more friendly nav bar.
Better help text for users to get data into dmarcian.
My Network rollout so network managers can see how customers are performing.
XML processing pipeline improvements.
1/2016                                  Source Viewer performance and UX improvements.
Implement Source Viewer feature.
Homepage text changes.
Detail Viewer color changes and other UI improvements.
Better text on how to get started with DMARC and dmarcian.
12/2015                                  Better dmarcian About page.
Expose primary NS and MX via Domain Overview columns.
Better display of non-ascii characters across the site.
Performance optimizations to deal with larger datasets.
11/2015                                  Logo update.
Roll out better user ACL management.
10/2015                                  Improve DMARC Inspector diagnostics.
Implement ability to automatically remove stale data.
UI improvements for Domain Viewer usability.
Deal with XML that contains huge numbers of sub-domains.
9/2015                                  Many improvements to XML importing to deal with increased site usage.
Add IP-based searching to the Forensic viewer.
Performance improvements for Raw XML viewer.
8/2015                                  Minor tweaks across site to avoid user confusion.
7/2015                                  Improve classification system for performance and finer-grained results.
Fix demo data generator to restore demo access.
6/2015                                  Detect when DMARC records are in the wrong place.
Users can now mark XML reports for public display.
5/2015                                  Implement “export” report type.
Implement better ability to manage domains from an account.
Do a better job at purging old data that is not associated with an account.
4/2015                                  Tighter checks for various DMARC record tags.
Better instructions for publishing DMARC records.

Allow users to view individual XML reports that compose lines in the Detail Viewer

3/2015                                  Implement Detail Viewer filtering.
Implement CSV export for all data in current Detail Viewer.
2/2015                                  Implement CSV export for Domain Groups.
1/2015                                  Check for SPF errors.
Detail Viewer overhaul.
12/2014                                  Make sure all DNS replies are fresh from the Internet.
Better checks for when people add reporting addresses into the wrong place.
Snappier Domain Overview display for all.
11/2014                                  Fixes to exact domain matching when importing data.
Admins can now remove users.
Multiple XML files can now be uploaded at once.
Org-domain display now shows actual policy.
Per-user access control released.
Require TLS for cookies.
Various application states now saved for consistent user experience.
10/2014                                  Invited users can set super-long passwords.
Improve UX flow between application states.
CSV attachments now added to relevant reports.
Improved welcome emails.
9/2014                                  Roll out
Roll out DMARC status page.
Implement job-based XML importing to handle growing XML import volume.
Cache internal results to handle increased application usage.
Detail Viewer now handles massive datasets gracefully.
8/2014                                  Demos now last two weeks.
Users can now remove more/unwanted data.
Improve importing of Facebook XML by cleaning more input.
Search-by-domain fixed.
Notifications now live in reporting section.
Weekly/daily reports now configurable.
Reporting section is live.
Better domain list upload functionality.
7/2014                                  Implement welcome email series.
Improve sub-domain detection of DKIM signing.
Better support for punycode when sorting.
Better punycode support across the application.
Implement support for parked domains.

6/2014                                  DMARC XML parsing performance improvements

Initial Domain Group roll out.
5/2014                                  Logo refresh.
News page added back.
Issue/notification details included in alerts.
SPF PTR guidance updated.
4/2014                                  Database updates to deal with growing DMARC adoption.
Handle ability to deal with truncated XML files.
Streamlining when dealing with high-volume domains.
3/2014                                  Reduce noise due to explosion of envelope domains by certain senders.
Changes to support better access for the visually impaired.
Integration of new site layout.
Roll out multi-user accounts.
2/2014                                  Infrastructure changes to support multi-user accounts.
1/2014                                  Add experimental API support.
Date/time search arguments now available in Forensic Viewer.

Detail Viewer performance improvements

12/2013                                  Add modularity to site tracker to experiment with better analytics.
Streamline ability to add sources to application.
11/2013                                  Unicode fixes in Forensic Viewer context.
Trial volume now based on simple estimate.
Add complementary account types.
10/2013                                  Enabled search parameter support for Forensic Viewer.
Launched Forensic Viewer.
9/2013                                  Raw data view improvements.
Refresh DMARC adoption numbers.
Detail Viewer performance improvements.
Allowed users to automatically login to forums from dmarcian account.
Domain Overview performance improvements.
8/2013                                  Get Started improvements.
Homepage cleanup.
Add forums to site.
7/2013                                  Modify  to show errors.
6/2013                                  Improve DKIM messages.
Annual plans are now possible.

Expose DMARC errors on Domain Overview page

Fix display of IPv6.
Catch and display a lot more SPF errors.
5/2013                                  Significant  performance boost for accounts with large numbers of domains.
4/2013                                  Pricing page added and updated.
UI updates for histograms and other charts.
Various fixes to SPF record detection/warning.
3/2013                                  Implement issue tracking and display.
Summary view added to Domain Overview.
Users can now start from scratch with a domain.
Simple homepage redo for clarity.
XML-to-Human fixes to prevent users from hammering site via page reloads.
2/2013                                  Deployment services page added.
Easier basic DMARC record recommendation.
Update adoption statistics.
Get Help widget added.
1/2013                                  Faster and better XML-to-Human converter.
Implement org-domain lookup tool.
Detail Viewer speed ups.
Privacy policy now versioned.
Implement Raw XML view.
Implement auto-forwarding of google forwarding requests.
SPF Flattener tweaks, reduce size of UDP packets to 500.
Add note about minified SPF records.
More and better  and  error detection.
overhaul to show fine-grained results and to walk sub-records.
Expose SPF warnings via dashboard.
12/2012                                  Detail Viewer rework for performance and extended functionality.
Add warnings to.
Launch DMARC adoption page.
Add provider graph.
11/2012                                  Better Detail Viewer controls.
Infrastructure work for better user accounts.
10/2012                                  Launch Domain Overview page.
9/2012                                  Better XML processing infrastructure.
Ability to login as user and view associated data in one place.
8/2012                                  Improved charts illustrating volume data.
7/2012                                  User interface improvements for easier-to-understand views.
2/2012                                  dmarcian established.
Launch world’s first DMARC XML-to-Human functionality to help people understand and adopt DMARC.
1/2012                                  DMARC specification published.
Product Changelog.


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