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Loop Journal is more of a commitment than most apps

Loop Journal.
Posted on November 9, .

2014 by David   • 0 Comments  User Interface - 8.5/10  8.5/10

Functionality - 10/10  10/10.
Inexhaustibility - 7.5/10  7.5/10.
8.7/10                                                                         4.3  (3  votes)                                                                               Review.
Loop Journal is more of a  commitment  than most apps, but it has users make their efforts in baby steps.
Like a light exercise program for the mind, Loop Journal for IOS narrows thoughts in the digital journal down to a question for each day of the year, in which users freely respond to and then a year later answer again, and compare the two  responses  to help recognize growth, evolution, or perhaps even problems.
It’s the time capsule app users never knew they needed.
Loop Journal offers a simple, clean, and professional user  interface  (UI).
Headlining text, with a lightly blurred scenery or indoor  environment  picture for each day.
It also allows for the use of emoticons for those incapable of expressing themselves th rough  words alone.
Finally, for those with more colorful tastes to the very tasteful default  theme , there are several to choose from.
Sometimes it’s  difficult  to keep a traditional journal.
The hand cramps, the mind races, and often t his results  in mindless rambling, or calling it quits.
Loop Journal asks one question, just one question a day, and at the end  of the year  participating users have three-hundred and sixty-five answers.
They can look back at these unique  questions , such as “You wake up invisible.
What’s the first thing you do?” anytime they wish, or wait until the next year and compare (likely) two very different responses.

Loop Journal is really a self meditation or reflection tool

to develop a better understanding of oneself.
Sure, having to commit to a question a day might be a lot to ask for some, but just remember, many of you are baited into answering multiple surveys a day about which superhero you are or what Twilight character you’d go to prom with, so one actually though-provoking question a day is not going to require some herculean effort, just a little.

Loop Journal promotes positive thinking

as well, and thinking about the future, which is more often than not necessary for success.
Finally, there is a price tag of $1.99, but for those who think they’d actually commit the time to this app, three-hundred and sixty-five plus days of ad-less use is worth the initial price.
It’s hard to say whether or not new thought-provoking questions will be added for following years, or if the same questions will be asked annually, but in either case the answers will likely be fluid and changing, especially to those questions that ask about a specific moment.
It’s always fun to reminisce.
This app isn’t for everyone, and only the most self aware and those interested in a light exercise of the mind through annual reflection will enjoy it, but it delivers what it promises that that’s what users put in, is what they get out.
Professional UI.

365 Thought-Provoking Questions

Multiple UI Themes.

Initial $1.99 Price Before Trying
Bigger Commitment Than Most Apps Required

App Description.
Not another typical journaling app, Loop Journal provides a quick, easy and fun way to write a journal for those who want to but can’t keep a daily journal.
There are 365 different interesting questions for a year, it takes you less than 3 minutes to have a conversation with yourself each day, when the year ends, turn back to the beginning to start again.
As time goes by, the exquisite user interface design allows you to see how you’ve changed or developed, and have a solid understanding of yourself.
This simple and beautiful journal will also be the perfect gift for people embarking on a new phase in their lives.
365 thought-provoking questions for the entire year.
Beautiful themes allow you to add a personal touch to your journal.
Friendly reminder prevents you from forgetting to write the journal.
Backup to Dropbox.
Password lock keeps your secrets safe.

Sharing your thoughts to Facebook

twitter and weibo is just a tap away.
Download Loop Journal.
Download   QR-Code           ‎Loop Journal: Q&A a day shows your changes         Openmouse Studio            $1.99.
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