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Charm City Networks offers services such as asset tagging

IT  Procurement .
IT  Procurement .
IT  Procurement  Services.

Is your Baltimore based business looking to acquire technology for the work environment

Whether you are updating your existing hardware or are looking to start from the ground-up, Charm City Networks’ IT Procurement  solutions  can help your business find the optimum solution for your needs.
Whether you need desktops, laptops, workstations, server, or mobile devices, .

The experienced team at Charm City Networks can find you what you need for the best value
Purchasing New Technology Equipment
A top Baltimore Value-added reseller

Charm City Networks can analyze your current processing and security requirements to select equipment that is fast, efficient, and will stand the test of time.
Are you building a mail or  active directory  server.

Don’t forget that ECC memory for increased stability
How about creating a mobile fleet of iOS or Android devices

Ensure that your  management  software is carefully in place with device profiles.
If this all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry as our procurement specialists have your back – we are here for you and any  questions  you might have about your purchases or setup.
With the push to go green, our team can ensure that your new  technology  setup is environmentally responsible.
Best of all for your  businesses , environmentally responsibility means utilizing systems that have lower energy requirements, thus, lower monthly electricity rates.
Put more green on the trees with environmentally friendly  technology , and allow us to put more green into your pocket thanks to the energy savings.

Device Management to the Next Level

In addition to standard purchasing options, Charm City Networks offers services such as asset tagging, device imaging, and equipment localization.
Have no fear over your company’s technological resources, as our team can place safeguards to keep your equipment safe.
Paired with fast device imaging technology, if a machine fails or is stolen, we can get your new equipment up and running in a heartbeat thanks to strategic sourcing.
Whether you need a fleet of thin-and-light laptops or high-performance workstations, reach out to Charm City Networks to learn more about how our IT procurement specialists can assist your business today.
IT Procurement.


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