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Maintenance Windows: The Never Never Land of Patching

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All  My Devices Left Me .
I’m Scared.
What Do I Do Now.
May 19, 2020                              0  Comments                                             This, the foul year of our lord 2020, has really really gone south on us all real quick.
We went from masters of our own domain to empty nesters in record time.
As our users flee for home we’ve all had to come to grips on that new reality.
There’s been a lot of great […].
Maintenance  Windows : The Never Never Land of Patching.
March 3, 2020                              5 Comments                                           While ‘Patching is Rebooting’ there are legitimate  scenarios  where you need to be certain that updates are never automatically applied and the device rebooted.
In this post we’ll talk  about  the most straightforward and reliable ways to do just that.

Pull Distribution Points: Great DPs or Greatest DPs

October 4, 2019                              9 Comments                                           One of the first arguments I ever had about ConfigMgr was around  distribution  points.
The initial design drawn up included several secondary site servers all sitting right alongside our primary site server in our campus  datacenter .
The reason.
As documented, each site can only support up to 250 ‘regular’  distribution  points and we had nearly […].

PSA: New Update Product Categories for 1903 Release

May 22, 2019                              20 Comments                                           Update: After doing a full-court press on this we were able to get  Microsoft  to address this officially.
My thanks to Mary Jo Foley and Donna Ryan for help make that happen.
Updating Windows 10, version 1903 using Configuration Manager or WSUS Apparently Microsoft isn’t ready to talk about this yet so I guess I […].

Servicing Stack Updates: What Is This Madness

December 20, 2018                              15 Comments                                           5/14/2019 Update: They did it AGAIN.

In May 2019 the Cumulative Updates for Win 10 1607 (LTSC)

Win 10 1803, Server 2016, and Server 2019 all require the Servicing Stack Updates released in the same month.
1/9/19 Update: The most recently released SSU (KB4486458) was given a distinctive title (2019-01 Servicing Stack Update for Windows […].
Deploying the Client Upgrade as an Application.
September 11, 2018                              3 Comments                                           As a rule, you shouldn’t need to do this but there is currently a specific use case where you will.
The impact of getting it wrong is not pretty so learn from my mistakes.
Then vote on UserVoice to make the whole thing just go away.
Software Update Dashboard: Now with 100% More Dashboard.
July 2, 2018                              17 Comments                                           The first release of my update reports was a total lie.
There was absolutely no dashboard in what I called ‘Yet Another Software Update Dashboard’.
I’ve fixed that.

How to Install Software Updates During Task Sequences

January 3, 2018                              9 Comments                                           Installing updates during operating system deployment should be easy.

I mean there’s a step called Install Software Updates for crying out loud

How hard could it be.
Software Update Maintenance: It’s a Thing.
That You Should Do.
November 30, 2017                              10 Comments                                           Historically it’s been considered taboo to touch WSUS when part of a Configuration Manager environment.
Those times have now past and if you’re not actively maintaining WSUS on a regular basis it’s more than likely failing causing scan failures.

Managing Workgroup (Non-Domain) Clients With Configuration Manager

November 22, 2017                              5 Comments                                           For reasons you may not want to share at Configuration Manager administrator parties you may find yourself managing clients that are not domain joined.

Often administrators assume Configuration Manager can’t do that or is severely limited

Read on for all the gory details.
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