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If you want to run a one-shot in the Dark Ages

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What Year Is It.
– Running Historical RPG One-Shots.
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Before getting too far into research, remember you really do only need broad brush strokes.
Also, research doesn’t just mean boring old books.
There are history podcasts you can listen to while doing other things, .

And TV series are often better for a feel of historical fiction than actual history

If you’re going to run , watching a few episodes of Sharpe will help you much more than reading accounts of the Peninsula War.
If you want to run , you’d do as well to play some Assassin’s Creed: Origins to get a feel for the city and its opportunities for adventure.
There are lots of historical RPGs out there – make sure you pick a game where the system supports the kind of play you want.
If you want to run a one-shot in the Dark Ages, then , , and  will all give very different play experiences, even with the same basic scenario.
There’s nothing to stop you, of course, using a generic system with a play style you enjoy, and adapting it – and there are some excellent historical setting books, .

The pick of which are the GURPS sourcebooks and Design Mechanism’s Mythic Earth series

Dark Ages Savage Worlds, anyone.
Race to Glory.
– Review: Agon (2nd Edition)  Even More Perilous Tribulations: Non-Combat Challenges Revisited                                       Steve H  June 18, 2020 at 7:44 pm         Doesn’t 90s Manchester count as historical.
For me, I find that enthusiasts for any game with a detailed background (whether it’s Traveller or Glorantha or Star Wars or whatever) can be as annoying as any history buff when it comes to nitpicking over the details.
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