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Involve Our Blockchain Consultants for:

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Need the right strategy for blockchain injection into  your business .
Involve Our Blockchain  Consultants  for:.
Involve Our Blockchain  Consultants  for:.

Consulting Services                          Industries

Conceptual Design.
Select an  appropriate  decentralized technology for your business model or token offering with our evaluation of the pros and cons in terms of security, performance, and scalability.
Applicature will help deliver a stunning conceptual design customized to your needs: architectural specifics, DApps logic, smart-contract  requirements , and more.
It is vitally important to reveal the interactions between all technical phases throughout  implementation .
A step-by-step  description  of smart-contract and DApps workflow in your documentation will supply your arsenal with cogent resources and ensure delivery of solutions in lean time.
Business Plan  Development .
We identify business requirements and analyze business processes with flowcharts to enhance trustworthy performance through decentralized  technologies .

A business plan is an essential component of any product or IEO definition

and serves to outline the milestones of your project’s development.
To reassure potential investors and users, you’ll need to know how to operate within the decentralized environment to protect your business from risk related to the distributed ledger and blockchain technology.
White Paper Creation.
Your project needs a marketable, branded document with an expert description of token economy, business logic, and technical solutions for your product.
The document must provide answers to dozens of questions from stakeholders: potential users, technology experts, investors, blockchain enthusiasts, and more.
Blockchain Architecture Design.
Blockchain is a robust technology with its own strict rules of implementation that cannot be amended by any party.
It requires appropriate considerations for implementation from a list of various technologies.
To ensure system operability and efficiency, you need to generate an overall architectural concept of the entire solution, including all on- and off-chain elements.
We are happy to help.
Digital Transformation.
Blockchain injection into established businesses is not just about collection of funds via token offerings.
Distributed technology allows you to access new market advancements, but like any other disruptive technology, it does more than influence the structure of business models.
Distributed-technology implementation requires full transformation of your business processes.
Our consulting team will support you with strategy, experience, and deep knowledge of the technology stack.
Proof of Concept.
This is a custom service to help you embrace the opportunities of blockchain.
PoC is a tangible solution for the validation of technical feasibility; systemic integration of purpose, expectation, and effort; and identification of performance issues for project development.
Proof of Concept implements the most critical and essential functionality while providing projected business results.

Proof of Concept will be a multicomponent solution containing:   discovery and roadmap

business case for implementation.
business flow identification and details.
development of user story and platform logic.
training and support.
Read more.
Receive precious consulting services for free.
Our Experience in Numbers.
+                                           +       White Papers                                            Blockchain Reports                                     +       Research Hours                                     +       PoC & Sidechains                                                                Discuss your idea with us and we help you benefit from our experience.
Blockchain consulting.
Blockchain consulting.
Blockchain consulting.
White Paper Consulting.
Blockchain consulting.

Token Advisory & Smart Contract Development

Blockchain consulting.
Smart Contracts Security Audit.
Blockchain consulting.
How We Deliver Our Services.
1            Analyze.
We screen each project description to obtain knowledge of the business case and its applicability to distributed technology.
Not all solutions require injection of the public blockchain or creation of a utility token, and not all elements of business are worth migrating on distributed channels.
Our team specializes in identifying case requirements and separating out areas appropriate for blockchain injection.
2            Identify.
After analysis of the business case, our consulting team identifies the most appropriate distributed technology solutions.
Based upon the business case, this could be a public blockchain-based solution, a hybrid solution with the same type of sidechain, or even a multi-blockchain solution in which several technology types are combined to achieve business goals.
This type of solution proposes requirements for tokens, utility features, and/or injection of cryptocurrency.
3            Consult.
Dealing with blockchain requires deep knowledge of its nuances.
Our blockchain consulting team supports our clients throughout their journey with consultation on technology issues, approaches to token economics, and even business process development.
4            Implement.

Deliverables at the consulting stage are a core requirement for IEO smart contracts

PoC development, and the MVP discovery process.
Describing results in white and yellow papers identifies appropriate fundamentals for further project development and respectful articulation within the community of investors and potential users.
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