Stop conspiracy is one of the quests in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. In it, you discover someone is plotting against you, and you need to discover who it is before the time is out. It may seem pretty straightforward, but a lot of people are having trouble with this quest due to bugs. If you’re wondering how to complete it or how to avoid those gamebreaking bugs, then keep reading our Bannerlord stop conspiracy quest guide.

Bannerlord Stop Conspiracy Quest

Stop conspiracy quest bug

The stop conspiracy quest is part of the main story, and it seems like it is tied to Istiana’s plan, but it doesn’t have to be. What’s certain is that there are certain bugs that players who’ve mentioned this quest always experience. We’ve heard mentions of people instantly failing the quest, as soon as they obtain it, then being penalized for not completing it. Others say it just stays there in their log, with no apparent way to complete it, and keeps resetting every few weeks.

The thing about the stop conspiracy quest is that it’s not complete, as in, not yet in the game. At least not fully. The admin of the game’s forums said as much – they’re still working on it. So it’s not you, it’s not a random bug that happens only to some – it’s a ubiquitous issue that is going to be fixed in time.

It’s nasty, yes, but there is a way around it. Since you can’t get past this point of the main story, there’s no reason to progress as much, or at all. Simply avoid playing the main story and enjoy the game as Mount & Blade should be enjoyed – by exploring the land, becoming a trader, pledging alleigance to a lord or leading a band of looters and cutthroats. Just stay away from the story.The post Bannerlord Stop Conspiracy Quest appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

Bannerlord Stop Conspiracy Quest
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