Suit colors in Death Stranding are cosmetics that you can unlock and use in the game. Death Stranding Suit Colors are interesting because who doesn’t want to go into the apocalyptic wasteland looking spiffy? It’s the least you can do as society tries to rebuild itself around you. So, naturally, people have been wondering where to find these suit colors, or at least, how to unlock them in Death Stranding. That said, welcome to our Death Stranding How to Change Suit Color guide, in which we’ll answer these questions.

Death Stranding How to Change Suit Color

How to Change Suit Color in Death Stranding?

To change your suit color in Death Stranding, you first have to beat the game’s story once. I figured I should open with the crushing reality first. Anyways, once you beat the story of Death Stranding, you’ll unlock the option to change your Suit Color. Once you’ve got that under your belt, head to a Private Room. Then, go to the Examine Equipment Rack, look at your suit, and complete the button prompt to go into the menu with the different suit colors. There’s fifteen to choose between, so go crazy.

Before that, though, you can also change the color of your gear, like hats or glasses or the Ludens mask. To do that, go into the Equipment rack, and press Triangle. Each item has several colors to choose between. Some of them have more than one element that you can change the color of. For Example, the Ludens Mask. You can change the color of the frame, but you can also switch the color of the lenses between black and clear. So, even before you beat the story, you can play around with colors and create the Sam you want.

If you need help with anything else in Death Stranding, and I know you do, check out some of our other Death Stranding guides. Among others, we’ve written Trade With Porter – Any Porter In A Storm Trophy, Signs – Best Places to Create Signs, and Get First Vehicle & Charge Battery. Good luck out there.The post Death Stranding How to Change Suit Color appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

Death Stranding How to Change Suit Color
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