Doom Eternal is finally out, but it’s not all hellspawn and gutterflies. A number of players have been frustrated because the game’s myriad bonus skins aren’t showing up. A lot of them have been trouble redeeming codes and keys from Twitch Prime and Best Buy, or the boxed version of the Deluxe Edition. This guide will tell you everything we know about Doom Eternal missing bonus skins & redeeming issues.

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Doom Eternal Missing Bonus Skins & Redeeming Issues

DOOT Revenant & shotgun skin missing

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If you’ve bought the deluxe edition of the game, you’ll be getting these two skins. However, it seems like a lot of people haven’t received them yet. If you bought a physical version of the game, you should have a separate code for the bonuses. If you don’t contact your retailer and ask for one. If you bought digitally, all you can do is try the “reconcile entitelements” option in the settings. If none of those works, drop support a line.

Best Buy key missing from email

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A number of people who’ve preordered from Best Buy have received emails with a simple “0” instead of the bonus skin code. Obviously, just entering the zero into the code redeeming dialogue box doesn’t work. You’ll have to pester them for the actual code, but keep in mind this is happening to more people than you think, so both the phone lines and the web chat will be crowded.

Where is the Twitch Prime Doomicorn skin?

The unicorn onesie skin that is exclusive to Twitch Prime doesn’t exist yet – that is to say, they haven’t sent out the codes yet. Give them a bit more time, then contact Twitch support if you still don’t get yours.

All of these issues should be resolved in the next few days, but if you still can’t redeem your codes and get your skins next week, make sure you contact either the retailer where you bought the game, Bethesda’s support, or both.The post Doom Eternal Missing Bonus Skins & Redeeming Issues appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.