Final Fantasy VII remake fast leveling up of Materia is a late-game activity that you can do to make your characters as powerful as possible until you hit the level cap of 50. Getting to the level cap and farming your Materia levels in the remake of FFVII is a long process, but there are some things that you can do to make it significantly easier. With that said, in our Fast Materia Level Up in Final Fantasy VII Remake guide, we’re gonna show you how to farm Materia levels quickly and save you some trouble.

Fast Materia Level Up in Final Fantasy VII Remake

How to Farm & Level Up Materia Fast in FFVII Remake?

To level up Materia fast in the Final Fantasy VII remake, the first thing you have to home in on is finding the Pedometer Materia in Chapter 14. You’ll find it on the floor during one of the story missions. Slot it in wherever, and make 5,000 steps. You can walk in circles if you want, or just continue normally with the chapter. The only thing that doesn’t work is walking into walls, basically. After you take those steps, it will transform into the AP-Up Materia, which grants extra AP to Materia in slots next to it. Pretty darn useful, as you can imagine.

Make sure to have the AP Up Materia on somebody at all times, and slot the Materia you want to level up in and out as needed. Then, proceed normally through the rest of the game to unlock the post-game and hard mode. From there, you can choose whichever chapter you want to replay, and whether or not you want to play them on Hard Mode. This is basically what the New Game+ is in this game.

What we recommend is to start Chapter 16, aka the Shinra Building, on Easy (or Hard, if you want to) and clear out the garage area. Restart the chapter, and rinse and repeat. Just remember that you have to finish the fight to get the AP and EXP and other abbreviations. You can speed it up by putting Barret as leader, equip ATB Boost Materias and Wrecking Ball, and make liberal use of Smashdown. And don’t forget to use the AP Up Materia as long as necessary.The post Fast Materia Level Up in Final Fantasy VII Remake appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

Fast Materia Level Up in Final Fantasy VII Remake
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