Agree with Johnny in Final Fantasy VII remake is a choice that you’ll have to make during the dialogue you have with Johnny in the Wall Market in Chapter 9, if you happen to catch him running away from you. You have two options in the Agree with Johnny choice, and the one you choose is going to affect which two quests you’ll get at the tail end of the chapter. With that in mind, here’s our FF7 Remake Agree with Johnny – Yeah or No guide to hopefully help you out.

FF7 Remake Agree with Johnny – Yeah or No

What to Choose in Agree With Johnny Choice in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

What you choose in the Agree with Johnny dialogue in the Final Fantasy VII remake will influence which couple of quests you’re going to get in the later part of the chapter. If you choose Yeah, you’ll go down the road towards two quests from Chocobo Sam. If, on the other hand, you choose No, the story will instead veer towards the two quests that you get from Madam M. In fact, if that’s your goal, then you should probably just avoid Johnny altogether while at the Wall Market.

The one potential issue here is if you’re trying to “collect” all the Johnny Incidents, which are necessary for the Johnny Experience trophy. So, if that’s what you’re going for, definitely answer “Yeah” when given the choice. And either way, you can always replay the chapter at your leisure after you beat the game the first time and unlock Chapter Select. So, the odds that you’re gonna miss anything in the FF7 remake are very remote.

So, there you have it. If you need more assistance with the game, feel free to peruse our growing list of Final Fantasy VII remake guides. To name just a few, we’ve got What’ll It Be – Something Hard or Not In The Mood, Stay the Night – No Thanks, How Much, Back Off, and What Would Suit Me – Something Mature, Sporty, Exotic.The post FF7 Remake Agree with Johnny – Yeah or No appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

FF7 Remake Agree with Johnny – Yeah or No
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