Betty’s cat locations in the Final Fantasy VII remake are a part of the Lost Friends quest that Betty gives you. In the Lost Friends quest in FFVII, Betty asks you to find her lost cats. The game won’t show you where the cats are on the map, so you’ll just have to wander around until you find them. Alternatively, consult our FF7 Remake Cat Locations for Lost Friends Quest guide to see exactly where to find them and save yourself some time and headache.

FF7 Remake Cat Locations for Lost Friends Quest

Where are Betty’s Cats in Sector 7 Slums?

To find Betty’s first cat in the Sector 7 Slums in Final Fantasy 7, facing Betty, turn left and head down that street, past the intersection, and all the way to the T-intersection at the end of the path. Look at the store with the “Closed” sign, and you’ll find the cat at the base of the store. Don’t chase after it when it runs away.

Cat #1 location

From the location of the first cat, head to the left towards the Seventh Heaven building. The second cat is on the porch there. All you have to do is climb up the stairs, approach the cat, and press Triangle, just like with the first one. Again, no need to chase after it, even if the game tells you that it ran away, trust me.

Cat #2 location

Climb back down the stairs of Seventh Heaven, then head to the right, down the street. Eventually, you’ll come across an NPC that you can talk to, called simply Undercity Resident. Next to this NPC, you’ll see a kind of tunnel made of metal sheets. Crawl through the tunnel, and you’ll be in a small area filled with cats. Approach the white one and, yet again, press Triangle.

Cat #3 location

The game will then offer you to basically give up and go back to Betty. Don’t worry, that’s exactly what you have to do. When the game teleports you back, speak to Betty again and all three cats are going to arrive. After a short bit of dialogue, the quest will be over. As a reward, we got A Maiden’s Kiss and our HP and MP fully restored.The post FF7 Remake Cat Locations for Lost Friends Quest appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

FF7 Remake Cat Locations for Lost Friends Quest
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