Enemy skills are abilities you can learn from your opponents in Final Fantasy VII remake. There’s four of them, and if you manage to learn them all, you’ll unlock the Master of Mimicry trophy. Only specific enemies know them, and you’ll have to obtain a certain materia before you can copy them. This guide will help you earn the achievement by showing you all FF7 remake enemy skills locations.

FF7 Remake Enemy Skills Locations – Master of Mimicry Trophy

Keep in mind that one of these is only obtainable if you’re playing on hard difficulty. So if you want this trophy (and the platinum one, by extension), you’ll have to play on hard – some trophies, like this one, can’t be unlocked on easy, classic or normal difficulty settings.

Where to find enemy skills?

Before you can start learning the skills, you’ll have to get the Enemy Skill materia. You can buy it from Chadley after completing Battle Intel Report 16. Once you have it, equip it on someone, and then you can go looking for the enemies in question. Once you’ve found one, make sure you’re controlling the party member with the Enemy Skill materia equipped. Allow them to get hit with that particular skill, and it’ll be unlocked in your command menu.

Here’s a list of all the enemies you need to track down, their locations and the skills you can learn from them:

Enemy name
Skill name

Spirit Siphon
During the Missing Children side quest in Chapter 14, in Sector 5

Sector 5 slums in Chapter 14, in the Steel Mountain map, during the
Intel Gathering objective

Cerulean Drake
Algid Aura
In Chapter 15, during the Climb objective, in Distillation Tower 2,
third floor

Bad Breath
Complete the Malboro combat simulator mission in Chapter 16 – it’s
only available on hard difficulty

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FF7 Remake Enemy Skills Locations – Master of Mimicry Trophy
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