Give Hart 10,000 Gil or not in Final Fantasy VII remake is a choice you’ll have to make if you speak with Hart near the game’s end. Hart will offer to give you a hint for 10,000 Gil in the remake of FF VII, and it’s up to you whether you give him the money. Maybe he has some other surprises, you never know. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in our FF7 Remake Give Hart 10,000 Gil or Not guide.

FF7 Remake Give Hart 10,000 Gil or Not

Do I Give Hart 10,000 Gil in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

If you have 10,000 Gil to spare, you should absolutely give it to Hart. You can do this near the end of the game, after you’ve talked with Mayor Domino. Hart will offer a hint for those 10,000 Gil, which is a lot of money for a hint. You’d expect it to be some pretty major piece of info for that kind of coin. Well, it isn’t; the hint is completely useless. Luckily for you, that’s completely besides the point. See, if you give Hart the money, aside from the crappy advice, he’ll also give you the EKG Cannon for Barret. That’s the real reward.

So, yeah; Hart really makes those 10,000 Gil worth it. You don’t have to get the EKG Cannon per se, but why wouldn’t you, if you have 10,000 Gil lying around collecting dust? The ability of the EKG Cannon is called Point Blank. What that does is use all your ATB for a close range attack, which also launches enemies into the air. Not a bad ability, when you think about it. But, of course, ultimately, the choice is up to you.

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FF7 Remake Give Hart 10,000 Gil or Not
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