Heads or Tails in Final Fantasy VII remake is a choice that you’ll have to make in Chapter 9 of the game in Sector 6. You have three choices in the FF7 remake Heads or Tails dialogue; Heads, Tails, or No Deal. This seems like a pretty major choice, one where getting the answer wrong might really impact the game. So, of course, people are wondering what to choose here. We;;. we’re going to go over that in our FF7 Remake Heads or Tails guide.

FF7 Remake Heads or Tails

What to Choose in Final Fantasy VII Remake Coin Toss – Heads, Tails, No Deal?

Whatever you choose in the coin toss in the remake of Final Fantasy VII, Heads, Tails, or No Deal, does not ultimately influence the outcome at all. What does change slightly is the dialogue, but that’s all there is to it. You can’t win the toss, regardless whether Cloud or Aerith call it. Let’s get into some details, shall we?

If you pick Heads, Sam will call Tails, and win the toss. He’ll also let you know that Aerith is not the Don’s type, and that Tifa is the more likely candidate. A bit later, he’ll show Cloud that the coin is double-sided. Yeah, he’s a cheater, and he doesn’t even care who knows it. Forget it, Jake, it’s Sector 6. At least you get to keep the coin.

If, on the other hand, you think you’re smart and pick Tails, Sam will call Heads, and still say that you lost. Once again, he’ll mention that Aerith is not to the Don’s taste. He’ll still give you the coin, despite lying to your face. Aerith is going to get very upset, naturally, but that’s not gonna achieve anything.

So, you might be thinking, I’ll just pick No Deal. Good for you, but it won’t work, because Aerith will call Heads instead. Naturally, you’ll lose. You find out that the Don probably won’t like Aerith, he tosses you the coin, and so on and so forth. So, yeah; this might seem like this is some major juncture in the game that you have to get right, but no matter what you do, it plays out almost exactly the same.The post FF7 Remake Heads or Tails appeared first on GosuNoob.com Video Game News & Guides.

FF7 Remake Heads or Tails
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