Johnny Incidents in Final Fantasy VII remake are events and quests in the game that all revolve around one character, and finding them all unlocks the Johnny Experience trophy. Some of the FF VII remake Johnny Incidents cannot be missed, while others require you to follow very specific steps to unlock them. So, in our FF7 Remake Johnny Incidents Locations – The Johnny Experience Trophy guide, we’re gonna show you exactly what you have to do to find them all.

FF7 Remake Johnny Incidents Locations – The Johnny Experience Trophy

Where to Find Johnny Incidents in Final Fantasy VII Remake for Johnny Experience Trophy?

To find the first Johnny incident in the Final Fantasy VII remake, you’ll have to clear out the side missions in the Sector 7 Slums in Chapter 4. After you do, head back to Seventh Heaven and follow the “A Job Well Done” objective marker. You’ll spot a gaggle of people, and a short cutscene will play, in which you’ll see Johnny for the first time. Follow the arresting party with Tifa and free Johnny when you get the chance. This is completely unmissable, so don’t worry about that.

The second time you run into Johnny will be in Chapter 9, in Sector 6 Slums Wall Market, during the To Corneo’s Mansion objective. Find Chadley, then head south from him, towards the purple icon on the map. That’s Johnny, and he’ll start running away. What you have to do is hunt him down and talk to him. Make sure that you choose the “Yeah” option to agree with him; that’s gonna be important for our next step.

Johnny’s third incident happens during the “The Party Never Stops” side quest in Chapter 9, in which you’ll kinda have to run around with him in the Wall Market. This side quest is kinda tricky to trigger, though. Here’s what you have to do, step by step.

Describe Tifa as “in great shape” to the chocobo cowboy. Find Johnny’s event in Wall Market, as described above. Talk to the dude in front of the hotel, and pick “How much” during the dialogue. Talk to the receptionist, and pick “Yes” in the dialogue. Meet the Trio in Corneo’s Mansion in the main quest. In the coin flip scene, select “No deal.” Choose the cheapest massage option. When asked about Aerith’s outfit, select “It’s alright.” Lastly, finish the “Underground Colosseum” objective.

Now, go back to the Clothing Store Owner’s Son NPC and pick up the “Party Never Stops” side quest. It’s a pretty simple affair, all things considered. Just follow the steps, and you’ll be fine. During the mission, you’ll encounter one of Johnny’s incidents.

The last two Johnny incidents take place during the Tomboy Bandit side quest. It unlocks in Chapter 14, in Sector 5 Slums, right after the first scene in Aerith’s place. Find Johnny near Sam’s Delivery Station, and pick up the quest from him. Follow the quest to the end and return Johnny’s wallet to him at the end. This is going to complete Johnny’s incidents, and you’ll get the Johnny Experience trophy. Also, you’re gonna get Corneo’s Key during this mission, which you use to unlock Corneo’s Vaults.The post FF7 Remake Johnny Incidents Locations – The Johnny Experience Trophy appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

FF7 Remake Johnny Incidents Locations – The Johnny Experience Trophy
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