Moogle medals are a type of collectible in Final Fantasy VII Remake. You’ll find them all around, dropping from crates and enemies, or hidden in various places. For a long time, it’ll be unclear what their purpose is. This means you’ll spend a fair while collecting these medals without knowing why you’re doing it. If you’re impatient for the grand reveal, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about FF7 Remake Moogle Medals & Moogle Emporium shop location.

FF7 Remake Moogle Medals & Moogle Emporium Shop Location

What to do with moogle medals?

It turns out moogle medals are actually a type of currency. There’s only one shop in the whole game that accepts them, and it mostly sells unique items. So just keep collecting them, and once the time is right, you’ll be able to buy some pretty nice things with them.

Where to find moogle shop?

We’ve mentioned there’s only one shop that accepts these medals. It’s called the Moogle Emporium, and it’s being run by a kid called Moggie. You’ll meet Moggie during Chapter 8, in the Children’s Secret Hideout in the Sector 5 Slums. Before you can start spending medals on useful trinkets, you’ll have to buy a membership card. It costs just one medal, thankfully.

Here’s a list of items you can buy there, along with their descriptions and prices (in medals):


Gold Saucer Music Disc
A disc with a brass band song

Restores 20 MP

Silver Staff
A weapon for Aerith

Whistlewind Scarf
An accessory that allows you to enter battle with a slightly filled
ATB gauge

Salvation Badge
An accessory that increases the effectiveness of healing spell cast
on you when your HP is below 25%

Graveyard Key
A key for the graveyard gate in Sector 5 Slums

The Art of Swordplay Vol.1
Increases Could’s skill points

Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol.1
Increases Barret’s skill points

Way of the Fist Vol.1
Increases Tifa’s skill points

Telluric Scriptures Vol.1
Increases Aerith’s skill points

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FF7 Remake Moogle Medals & Moogle Emporium Shop Location
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