Shinra ID card is one of the preorder bonuses for Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s a physical goodie, and it’s only available to those who’ve preordered from Gamestop. It’s a plastic employee card that comes in a metalic case, and it’s pretty much just a decoration. However, there’s also a sweepstakes tied to it, in which you can win some nice stuff. You’re supposed to use your employee number in order to enter, but a lot of people are reporting the code not working. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about FF7 remake Shinra ID card, including how to get around this specific problem and enter the sweepstakes.

FF7 Remake Shinra ID Card – Sweepstakes Code Not Working

Can’t enter sweepstakes with Shinra ID card employee number

You’re supposed to enter your employee number on a specific website hosted by Square Enix, but the code from the card isn’t working. Some have even noticed that their cards have the same code that’s used as an example on the website. This is because there’s only one version of the card, and the employee number printed on it is the same for everyone.

Due to some pretty poor wording, people have been lead to think this is the code they’re supposed to use in order to enter the sweepstakes, but the reality is different. If you take a look at the rules, you’ll notice the you’re going to be sent the real code via email. If you haven’t received the code in your inbox, make sure to contact Gamestop’s support.

If you were born under a lucky star, you might win a giant TV, a Playstation 4 Pro, some speakers, a hefty Gamestop gift card and a black watch that’s supposed to be Final Fantasy themed but in reality is just black.The post FF7 Remake Shinra ID Card – Sweepstakes Code Not Working appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

FF7 Remake Shinra ID Card – Sweepstakes Code Not Working
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