Near the end of Chapter 3 in Final Fantasy VII remake, during the Alone at Last objective, you’ll have a choice to make. It takes place after Tifa suggests you hit the bar, and asks for your opinion on what type of clothes she should wear. She offers three enigmatic choices, and neither of them ends up being what you might expect. If you don’t know what the consequences of this choice might be, our FF7 Remake What Would Suit Me – something mature, sporty, exotic guide will tell you what happens when you choose each of the options.

FF7 Remake What Would Suit Me – Something Mature, Sporty, Exotic

Which outfit to choose for Tifa in Alone at Last – Chapter 3?

It makes no difference at all, in the grand scheme of things. It’ll just affect her outfit in a later scene. You can choose whichever sounds best, but the options’ names are a bit misleading, so we’ll describe each of the outfits below. The whole section is just there to let you ogle her, whether you want to or not, and not one of the outfits will prevent you from doing just that. It’s just an instance of playing “dress up your cartoon girlfriend”, and it won’t affect the game further in any way.

Something mature

If you pick this option, Tifa will remark how you’re no longer children and the choice makes sense. She’ll later appear in a short, dark blue dress with straps and a bare back, her hair let down. It’s the outfit you may have seen in the trailers.

Something sporty

If you choose this one, Tifa will say it won’t be much different from what she usually wears, but that’s a bold lie. She’ll change into a silver cheongsam with a generous decolletage and her hair tied in two buns.

Something exotic

The exotic version is the least revealing one, which makes it a really strange choice of words. But hey, Cloud is sword man, not word man. If you pick this, she’ll appear in a black robe with a wide, white sash – like a kimono, only much shorter. She’ll also wear a headband adorned with flowers.The post FF7 Remake What Would Suit Me – Something Mature, Sporty, Exotic appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

FF7 Remake What Would Suit Me – Something Mature, Sporty, Exotic
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