At a certain point in Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tifa will offer you a drink. Whether you accept or decline might affect things further down the road, so you’re naturally concerned because you don’t want this one little thing to get in the way of getting in her pants. It’s just a drink – or is it? If you’re having trouble deciding which option to choose when Tifa offers you a drink, keep reading our FF7 Remake What’ll It Be – something hard or not in the mood guide and we’ll help you pick the outcome.

FF7 Remake What’ll It Be – Something Hard or Not In The Mood

Tifa drink choice – Chapter 3, Shinra Reacts

As Barret cools you off and takes the pinball elevator down into his super secret lair, Tifa will get behind the counter and ask you what you’d like to drink. You can choose to either get something hard and bitter, or abstain.

We’ve only tried something hard ourselves, and if you pick that one, she’ll prepare you a cocktail. It’ll end up being nothing much, so she’ll whip you up the house special, Cosmo Canyon. Judging by the name and color, it’s probably neither hard nor bitter, but it’s not like Cloud can tell. All the while, the two of you will flirt in a painfully embarassing way, after which Tifa will leave you to your drink.

We’ve heard that the not in the mood option also results in having a drink, the difference being that Tifa will probably like you less for being coy. It could end up making a difference later on down the road, when the game rewards you with one particular cutscene depending on some of your choices, so if you want Tifa to star in that cutscene, take the damn drink. If you’d prefer to learn more about another character, declining the drink won’t hurt.The post FF7 Remake What’ll It Be – Something Hard or Not In The Mood appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

FF7 Remake What’ll It Be – Something Hard or Not In The Mood
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