Halo Reach Season Points are points that you earn and use for unlocking cosmetics, such as armor customizations and more. So, needless to say, getting Season Points in Halo Reach is pretty important. And, it seems that people are having trouble figuring it out. With all that said, let’s see how to get Season Points in Halo Reach together, shall we?

How to Get Season Points in Halo Reach

How to Earn Halo Reach Season Points?

To earn Season Points in Halo Reach, you have to increase your global rank. You’ll earn Season Points for every level you gain in the global ranking. As for how you increase your rank, you have to play multiplayer matches (or PvP, if you prefer) in Halo Reach, and / or the Firefight mode, aka the PvE. You earn XP for playing well in these modes, and, as your XP grows, so does your global rank, simple as that.

Basically, you have to rack up kills and assists, completing objectives if the mode has any, earning medals, and so on. There are no real tricks to earn XP fast; you just gotta grind it out and be good at the game. Also, there will be Challenges added to the game at some point in the future, which will also net you Season Points, but those aren’t in the game as of writing this article.

How to Use Season Points in Halo Reach?

To use Season Points in Halo Reach, all you have to do is select the item you want to purchase, and click on it (or press A), then hit Unlock. The item will go to your Armory, and you can put it in your loadout at your leisure. There is one catch, however. You have to unlock all previous items in the list in order to get the one you want. For example, if you want an item that’s on tier 31, you have to unlock all the others that came before it, for the price of one Season Point a pop. It sucks, but that’s how things are.

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How to Get Season Points in Halo Reach
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