Final Fantasy VII remake respec mechanic lets you reset weapon upgrades that you’re not happy with and let you develop your character in a different direction. To respec your weapon upgrades in the FFVII remake, you have to find the correct NPC and complete a quest for them. This happens relatively early in the game, but you do have to play a bit until you get there. So, in our How to Respec in Final Fantasy VII Remake guide, we’ll show you where to find this NPC and how to reset your weapon upgrades.

How to Respec in Final Fantasy VII Remake

FFVII Remake – How to Respec & Reset Upgrades?

To respec your stats in the Final Fantasy VII remake, you have to proceed through the game until you get to the slums of Sector 7. There, you can find a young boy called Chadley. He has white hair, a white and blue shirt, black shorts, black socks with suspenders, and a huge, brown backpack. You can see his exact location and what he looks like in the images below. Go ahead and talk to him, and you’ll get a fairly simple quest to complete. When you do, head back to Chadley, and he’ll help you respec from that point on.

Several more points to make about Chadley and respecing. For one, Chadley also works as a vendor, selling Materia. The more quests you complete for him, the better stuff he will sell. Also, Sector 7 is not the only place where he sets up shop; you can also find him in Sector 5 slums later on. When it comes to respecing, you have to keep in mind that it costs Gil (initially 100 Gil). Simply talk with Chadley, then select Reset Upgrades, and you can pretty much find your way from there.

So, that about wraps it up when it comes to respecing in the remake of Final Fantasy VII. If you need more help, stay tuned to Gosunoob, because we’ve got more guides coming. For now, we’ve got Set Charge Timer to 20 or 30 Minutes – Where is Jessie in Reactor, with a whole lot more in the pipeline.The post How to Respec in Final Fantasy VII Remake appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

How to Respec in Final Fantasy VII Remake
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