The car in DBZ Kakarot is a vehicle that you can drive around the game in. I am, of course, greatly confused as to why supermen that can fly need a car, but that’s besides the point. The point is, many people have been wondering how to obtain the car in DBZ Kakarot, because they’re seeing racing spots everywhere, but no cars. With that said, welcome to our How to Unlock Car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot guide, in which we’ll show you exactly that – how to get a car in DBZ Kakarot.

How to Unlock Car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

DBZ Kakarot – How to Get The Car?

To get the car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you have to push pretty far through the main story first. Yes, those racing spots will start to appear nice and early, but the car, not so much. The car unlocks in the third saga of the game, called the Androids (Cell) Saga. This one comes after the Frieza saga. Anyways, just keep pushing through. At one point, Chi Chi will let you know that you need to obtain a licence, so go and do that.

After you get your mittens on a licence, you can finally get yourself a car. Some restrictions apply, as we’ll cover in a second. With the licence in your pocket, head over to the Capsule Corporation and talk to Bulma in the back room. Ask her to build you something, and then select R&D. She has to do this, because there really isn’t any normal car that can handle a Saiyan. At long last, you can finally start building your car (or the Bipedal Robo Walker, if that’s more to your fancy).

And herein lie those restrictions. You have to build the car section by section, of which there are four; each one will cost you Iron, bolts, gear bearings, Axle Shafts and the like, as well as a fair chunk of change. Be prepared to go and do some grinding for parts is all I’m saying. Same goes for the four sections of the Walker, too. you can find the parts in the open world, from certain merchants, or by wishing for them after collecting all seven Dragon Balls.

Last, but not least, to deploy the car, press right or left on the D-pad to cycle between your modes of transportation. Press Up to “summon” your vehicle of choice. To unsummon it, press Down on the D-pad. Now, if anyone wants to tell me why demigods that can fly and ride on golden clouds need cars, I’m all ears.The post How to Unlock Car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

How to Unlock Car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
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