Doom Eternal Mission 3 Cultist Base has an obstacle featuring a big skeleton demon crucified next to the Slayer Gate. Behind the skeleton demon in the Cultist Base there is a cracked wall, but you can’t destroy it by punching it. Instead, you have to solve a puzzle using your platforming skills. And this is where the challenge lies. If you’re getting stuck here, our Infiltrate the Cultist Base Past Big Skeleton Demon in Doom Eternal Mission 3 guide will show you what you have to do.

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Infiltrate the Cultist Base Past Big Skeleton Demon in Doom Eternal Mission 3

How to Go Around Big Skeleton Demon Next to Slayer Gate – Stuck in Cultist Base in Doom Eternal?

Friday April 03, 2020

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To get around the big skeleton demon in Doom Eternal in the Cultist Base mission, the crucified one next to the Slayer Gate, you have to get to the climbable wall on the left. You can use the yellow bar to swing yourself onto the wall. Once you manage to get there, climb up, turn around, and boost to the wall across the chasm. Climb up that wall, turn around again, and jump onto the catwalk.

Go across the catwalk and drop down to the lower level where the large cube is. Punch the cube off the platform, and this will open a hatch below, in front of the crucified demon, which will uncover a blue jump booster. Use it to reach and punch the green medallion around the demon’s neck. This will knock the whole construction back into the cracked wall and open the way forward.

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Cultist Base Slayer Key and Gate in Mission 3 Doom Eternal

To get to the Slayer Key in Mission 3 in Doom Eternal, Cultist Base, drop behind the crucified demon and use the yellow bars just below the demon to reach the climbable wall. Turn to the right and boost to another climbable wall. Go up as far as you can, turn around, and jump onto the yellow bars. This will catapult you towards the key itself. You can then exit through the grate that lowers when you get the key, and drop to the level below. Turn to the right, and that’s where the Slayer Gate is.

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