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10 (hereinafter referred to as “EGT INTERACTIVE”)

tel: +359 87 983 17 11, e-mail: [email protected]
Contact details of our Data Protection Officer: EGT INTERACTIVE LTD [email protected] Data Protection Officer: Desislava Dimitrova Our treatment of your personal data EGT INTERACTIVE attaches great importance to personal data protection, with the collection and processing of such data being performed only in observance of both local and European legislation.
The purpose of this Personal Data Protection Policy is to inform you on the way we process your data, what kind of personal data we would collect from you, its purpose, deadline, and your rights.

The security of the data you have entrusted to our Company is very important to us

Therefore, we will protect your personal data by applying any appropriate technical and organization al tool available to us so as to prevent unauthorized access, unlicensed or malicious use, loss or premature deletion of information.
What types of information do we collect and why.
We may collect your personal data when you use our website or choose our services and products.
In most cases we will require your personal data for the purpose of signing an agreement, meeting a statutory obligation or protecting a legitimate interest of ours.
Without this data we will not be able to render the respective services.
Should you fail to provide us with identification data, we won’t be in a position to conclude with you a contract for a certain product or service.
Depending on the services used by you.

We could collect and process the following information of yours: Full name

personal identification number, permanent address;.
Contact details – address, tele phone number and e-mail;.
Letters and e-mails we have received as a result of our communication ;.
Video cameras’ recording s from your visits to our administrative facilities aimed at ensuring both our and your security;.
Profile data from social networks.
Purpose of your personal data processing.
The most frequently collected personal data is processed by us for the following purposes: Processing of data needed for the conclusion or fulfillment of a contract Establishing customer’s identity through any commercial channel;.
Preparation of offers, agreements and other documents attached to them.
Management and execution of your orders;.
Notices related to our products and services.
Processing of data needed for recruitment purposes Processing of data needed for our compliance with a statutory obligation Obligations provided for by the Accounting Act, the Tax Procedure Code and other regulations in terms of proper and legal bookkeeping;.
Obligations for the provision of information to all state commissions and regulatory authorities;.
Provision of information to courts and law enforcement institutions.
Processing of data based on your consent For the direct marketing of our products and services.
Processing of data based on our legitimate interest Video surveillance in our commercial and administrative sites.
With whom do we share your information: EGT INTERACTIVE uses third parties to provide assistance for certain contractual activities or for the fulfilment of a statutory obligation.
We do not disclose your personal data to third parties before making sure that all technical and organizational measures for the protection of this data have been implemented, and we strive to maintain a strict control on the achievement of this objective.
Some of the recipients of personal data could include: – courier companies; external consultants and experts; collector companies and law firms; banks; security companies; persons assigned with the task to maintain equipment, software and hardware used by EGT INTERACTIVE to process personal data; hosting companies; sales agents, etc.
Under certain circumstances, the provision of personal data is mandatory in order for us to meet our statutory requirements set by: Regulatory authorities, including state commissions, institutions and agencies, the National Revenue Agency, the National Social Security Institute, courts, prosecutor’s office, etc.
which we must provide with personal data as per the applicable legislation.
Use of cookies on the website EGT INTERACTIVE does not collect or process personal data through the functional cookies used by the Company.

Processing of anonymized data We process your data for statistical purposes

including analyses, such as the movement of a large group of people, in which we only summarize the results, and accordingly, the data is anonymous.
Identifying a specific person from this information is impossible.
Why and how do we use automated algorithms.
We do not use automated decision-making tools.
Security EGT INTERACTIVE has taken measures to protect your personal data from accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure.
We implement policies and procedures designed to protect the information from being lost, embezzled and improperly disclosed.
Furthermore, we have applied additional security measures, including access control, strict physical protection, as well as reliable practices for the collection, storage and processing of information.
On the other hand, we employ technical tools such as encryption, pseudonymisation and anonymization of the personal data collected.
When do we delete your personal data.
We store all the information we have collected from you and we destroy it within the statutory deadlines.
Where such deadlines have not been prescribed for, we destroy the data within the time limits set up by us and after the final settlement of all our financial relations.
We do not keep your data for an indefinite period of time.
In the case of anonymization, personal data deadlines are not applicable, because we are not able to identify you.
Transfer between countries The transfer, storage and processing of personal data is secured by modern technical means.
EGT INTERACTIVE will not transfer your data outside the European Economic Area without complying with the statutory requirements, and will introduce appropriate safeguards to preserve the confidentiality of your information.
Access, corrections and withdrawal At any time you can ask EGT INTERACTIVE to provide you with information about your personal data that has been collected and stored.

You may also require that EGT INTERACTIVE correct

delete or update such personal data.
EGT INTERACTIVE shall provide you with the right to object and restrict the processing of your personal data, and shall secure your rights in the automated decision making.
You can always withdraw your consent to the collection, .

Storage and usage of your personal data by EGT INTERACTIVE

This, however, will not affect the data that has been legally processed until the said withdrawal.
Some of your rights, such as the deletion of data and the objection against its processing, could be restricted by the applicable legislation.
Requests for access to information or correction shall be submitted either personally or by a person unambiguously authorized by you through an explicit Power of Attorney made in writing.
Requests could also be submitted electronically in accordance with the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act.
We would like to inform you that should you have a complaint about the way your data is being processed.

You can file it to the supervisory body – the Data Protection Commission

address: Sofia 1592, 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.,
Changes to the present Personal Data Protection Policy This procedure for the protection of personal data may be amended over time, and the changes made to it shall become effective promptly after being announced.
The regular review of this page shall ensure that you will always be aware of the type of information we collect.

How and for what purposes it is used by EGT INTERACTIVE

and under what circumstances (if any) we shall share it with other parties.
If you have any questions regarding the protection of data.

Please do not hesitate to contact EGT INTERACTIVE and our Data Protection Officer

Desislava Dimitrova.
159 Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard, fl.
10 [email protected] The latest update of this Personal Data Protection Policy was made on 18.12.2018.

Information about us EGT INTERACTIVE LTD

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