Final Fantasy VII remake Ventilation Fan Materia is a Summon Materia that you can get in Chapter 6 of the game, if you can figure out how to reach it. Getting the Ventilation Fan Materia in FF VII seems like a daunting task, but it’s really not. And the Summon it gives you is really fun and well-worth the hassle. So, here’s our Inside the Ventilation Fan Materia FF7 Remake guide to show you how to get it.

Inside the Ventilation Fan Materia FF7 Remake

How to Get Materia Inside Ventilation Fan in FF7 Remake Chapter 6 Light the Way?

To get the Materia inside the ventilation fan in Chapter 6 of the Final Fantasy VII remake, first, proceed with the main quest as normal. Shut off all three lamps; no need to rush it. When you’re done with that, double back and go to the H-01 sign in the Plate Mid-Level. That’s in the northwest of the area. Use the elevator thing to ride over to the disconnected platform with the long ladder. Basically, head for the purple dot on the map. Climb the ladder, have a sit on the bench, and interact with the terminal across from it.

When you interact with the terminal, the door will open, and a one-minute timer will start counting down. You have to kill all the monsters in the next room, and then get to the terminal on the other side of it. If you don’t manage to do it, that’s fine; simply return to the first terminal and restart the timer. You’ll get it eventually. Once you do, the second terminal will open the door right next to it. Go through, and go to the right. That’s where the Ventilation Fan Materia is waiting for you. I’m not gonna spoil what it is, but trust me, it’s great.

So, there you have it; that’s how you get the Materia in the Ventilation Fan in the remake of Final Fantasy 7. If you need more help, allow me to plug some of our other FF7 guides. Like, for example, we’ve got How Is Aerith’s Outfit – It’s Alright, Looks Comfortable, It Matter What I Think, Choose Which Course – Luxury, Standard, Poor Man’s, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4 Themes.The post Inside the Ventilation Fan Materia FF7 Remake appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

Inside the Ventilation Fan Materia FF7 Remake
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