Doom Eternal Arc Complex is mission 6 in the game, and it’s pretty heavy with collectibles and secrets, including toys, albums, codex pages, sentinel batteries, Praetor Suit tokens, a cheat code, and more. There’s a total of 28 collectibles and secrets in Arc Complex in Doom Eternal, and 24 of them are necessary for completing mission 6 100%. A number of them are easy to find, while others are hidden away in weird little corners of the level. So, we’re gonna show you where to look in our Mission 6: Arc Complex Collectibles & Secrets Locations – Doom Eternal guide.

Mission 6: Arc Complex Collectibles & Secrets Locations – Doom Eternal

There’s a staggering total of 28 different collectibles and secrets in the Arc Complex mission in Doom Eternal, and you have to collect 24 of them to get the 100% completion rate for the level. That leaves us with only four that you can ignore, if all you’re after is completion. Below, you’ll find a list of secrets and collectibles that are a must to find.

Toy x3
Modbot x2
Codex Page x5
Cheat Code x1
Rune x2
Sentinel Battery x3
Sentinel Crystal x1
Album x2
Praetor Suit Token x5

In our video embedded below, you’ll have a full visual guide for where to find all of the collectibles and secrets in Arc Complex, including the ones that are not essential to 100% it. We’ve included time stamps in the description, so you’ll be able to skip around and find the stuff you need. Further below still, you’ll find verbal descriptions of secrets that we think are the most important ones.

Where to Find Toy Locations in Doom Eternal Arc Complex Mission 6?

To find the first toy in Mission 6: Arc Complex in Doom Eternal, drop down into the elevator shaft after seeing the UAC Spokesperson hologram talking about the fall of Samuel Hayden. Proceed through the level until you get into a wide room with a tree in the middle, with a wall of fire blocking progress. Clear the room out, then go into the cubicle to the right of the tree, and look behind the wall to find the Toy Mancubus.

For the second toy, stand on the broken platform right in front of the Slayer Gate. You’ll see another platform in front of you, across the chasm. Jump and boost across to that platform. Look to the right, and you’ll spot the question mark. This is where the Toy Cueball is.

Once you climb the stairs near the top level of the mission, near the purple neon, head to the left, through a small hole in the wall among the wreckage. On the left, you’ll find the question mark, which holds the Toy Whiplash. There’s also a can of gas on the right for you.

Doom Eternal Mission 6 Arc Complex Cheat Code Location

On the platform way to the left of the Slayer Gate, there’s a room next to the one with a modbot. There’s a hole in the floor in that room. Naturally, you should drop down there. Don’t worry, it’s safe; it’s a pretty small hole. All you’ll find in there is the question mark. It houses the Weapon Mastery Cheat Code.

Arc Complex Mission 6 Doom Eternal – Where to Find Albums?

To find the first album in the Arc Complex mission in Doom Eternal, you’ll have to search all the way below one of the arenas. There, you’ll find some machinery, including three generator-looking things, which appear on the map as three “boxes” next to each other. Go into the corner next to the third one, and you’ll find the question mark behind some boxes. It houses Quad Machine from Quake II.

The second album is in the above-mentioned arena, above the first album. Go inside the lobby marked Exterior Access, and head to the right to find the question mark. Inside, you’ll find the intro track from Quake II. It’s a great track, but not as amazing as Quad Machine. Still, you need it to 100% the level.

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Mission 6: Arc Complex Collectibles & Secrets Locations – Doom Eternal
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