Phoenix Point save files are hidden deep within the bowels of your PC. Since the game doesn’t have cloud saves, if you want to play on more than one PC, you’ll have to transfer them back and forth. To transfer the saved games from one PC to another, you’ll have to know their exact location. This guide is going to show you Phoenix Point save game locations, so you can backup your save files or move them to another machine.

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Phoenix Point Save Game Locations – Where to Find Save Files

Where to find save game files for Phoenix Point?

Tuesday December 03, 2019

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The save data for Phoenix Point isn’t stored in the game’s folder. Instead, it’s in one of those annoying invisible folders that are hidden from regular users. Before you go looking for it, make sure you’ve enable the option to show hidden files. Once that is done, head over to:

C:Usersyour_usernameAppDataLocalLowSnapshot Games IncPhoenix PointSavegames

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Once you’re there, grab whatever you need. If you just want to back it up, make a copy in another location. If you’re going to be using a flash drive to transfer the saves between PCs, just make sure you don’t overwrite the newer file with the older one by mistake. It would probably be best if you kept a local backup after every session, to avoid any issues. Having to replay missions you’ve already completed is never fun, but it’s especially bothersome if you’re playing on Ironman, and you’ve just managed to keep your entire team alive by a hair’s breadth.

Even if you’re not going to play on several devices, or save-scum, it’s prudent to keep your save files backed up. They can get mangled by the black magic behind the velvet curtain of you desktop, leaving you with dozens of hours of lost progress.The post Phoenix Point Save Game Locations – Where to Find Save Files appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.