Sergio Vincenza in Red Dead Online is one of a number of legendary bounties that come in and out of the game. You can pick up his bounty from one of the bounty boards. It tells you where to find the Sergio Vincenza legendary bounty in the vaguest of terms. With that in mind, our Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty Sergio Vincenza Location guide will show you how to get to his location in a pretty easy way.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty Sergio Vincenza Location

Where to Find Sergio Vincenza Legendary Bounty in Red Dead 2 Online?

To find Sergio Vincencza, one of the legendary bounties in RDR2 Online, the easiest way is to pick up the bounty from a bounty board. Specifically, we picked it up from the bounty board in Valentine. The bounty itself tells you that Sergio has last been seen around Roanoke Ridge, which is a pretty decent hint. However, none of that really matters anyway, since the game will take you almost to Sergio’s doorstep once you accept the bounty and watch the cutscene.

Once the game takes you to Sergio’s hideout, simply follow the red bounty mark on the mini-map. Mind you, as you approach the camp, there’ll be enemies that you’ll have to deal with. And the ruckus you’ll inevitably cause will alert Sergio to your presence. So, as you approach the watchtower where the cutscene showed Vincenza, keep your eye on the mini-map and follow where the bounty icon goes. Odds are that he’ll try to join the fray, being the freedom fighter that he is. You’ll have the option to either take him alive by incapacitating and hogtying him, or just put a bullet in his head and take his corpse back.

Either way, know that you’ll face more opposition as you make your way back to town to hand in the bounty. So, be careful, tread lightly, and ride like the wind. We caught Sergio alive, and the reward was $71.87, 0.32 Gold, 747 XP, and the same amount of Bounty Hunter XP.The post Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty Sergio Vincenza Location appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty Sergio Vincenza Location
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