Delivery bots in Death Stranding are autonomous deliver bots that you can unlock and use to make Standard Deliveries instead of you. You unlock your first Death Stranding delivery bot by basically playing through the game. However, just one might not be enough for you, so people have been wondering how to unlock more autonomous delivery bots in Death Stranding. Seeing as how the are pretty useful, we’ll show you how to get more of them in our Unlock More Delivery Bots in Death Stranding guide.

Unlock More Delivery Bots in Death Stranding

How to Unlock More Death Stranding Delivery Bots?

To unlock more Delivery Bots in Death Stranding, there are two avenues to pursue. The first one is to level up your reputation with South Knot City to four stars. All you have to do is complete deliveries for the city and slowly grind out those stars, and you’ll get another delivery bot. The second way is to level up your reputation with Benjamin Hancock, who resides in the Distribution Center west of Capital Knot City. Once again, you’ll have to complete tasks for Hancock until you get four stars with him in order to unlock another autonomous delivery bot.

Now, I have to note that this isn’t an either-or situation. You can unlock both autonomous delivery bots mentioned above. Yes, have the option of three robots running around and doing your bidding. Of course, you can only send them on missions that tell you that a robot can do them. Of course, this system is not without its drawbacks. For one, the delivery bots take a while to complete their task. The time shown in the menu is in real time; if it says that it’ll take 45 minutes, that’s a real 45 minutes. Also, autonomous robots can run into trouble, putting the cargo at risk.

Lastly, a robot that’s on a mission will be unavailable until they arrive at their destination. So, make sure to time them correctly. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a pinch waiting to give it another Standard Delivery that you just don’t feel like doing yourself. With a little bit of planning and foresight, though, you shouldn’t have too much trouble coordinating your minions.The post Unlock More Delivery Bots in Death Stranding appeared first on Video Game News & Guides.

Unlock More Delivery Bots in Death Stranding
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